Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Hair to Take the Heat - The Trial

I'm already missing the warm Hawaiian weather. San Francisco, by contrast, feels like living in a freezer. But it was a good little trip, and I got a substantial amount of planning done in my three short business days.

First up was the hair and makeup trial, with Maleana Cosmetic's owner, Dorys Foltin. Sak dropped Penga-Mom and I off at the shop, and then went to find a pair of pants that didn't have ripped spots at the knees (Sak loves riding his Razor scooter to the train station each day, but he's taken more than a few spills on it). I walked in, giddy upon seeing two bouncing heads of pretty curls leaving from the earlier appointment.

After meeting Dorys, she got right down to business - what was my wedding going to be like? What did my dress look like? What were my colors? Did I have any ideas?

"This one, please?"

I showed her some of the pictures from my blog, and she picked out the trends right away. Defined eyes and lips, and a smooth face for makeup. For hair, she suggested we start with an up-do, and release bobby pins through the night for the half up/down look. It all sounded good to me, and I was glad she noticed everything so I wouldn't have to give any newbish explanation.

We started with the hair.
It was recommended that I wash my hair the night before the appointment. Usually a morning-hair-washer, it was a little strange to feel all the oil in my hair from the night before, but I think it really does help when styling. My curls held all day, and even into the next!
Up, up, up!

Tah-dah, one up-do for Penga!

Here's later that night, when I had released a few of the pins by myself (not recommended, since it's a bit uneven):
Still very curly, no?

Dorys also let me try on one of her hair flowers at the end, just to see the effect.

I really liked the look of the flower, maybe on the opposite side of my one-strap dress? I wasn't too crazy about the high price tag though, so I'll be adding a hair flower to my DIY to-do list, it seems.

Overall, I was very pleased with my hair, and I think the up-do will be a major help for the hot weather.

Were you pleased on the first try? Or did it take many hair appointments to get the look 'just right'?

*All pictures taken by my mom, some images edited by myself and Photoshop actions by saturn-rings.


  1. Your hair looks great! I love that one little piece left free on one side.