Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cakie! - The Deal

Sak and I met with a couple of bakeries before deciding on who would create our cake. But when we walked into Satura Cakes, I knew right away it was the one.

Why? They use sponge cake. SPONGE CAKE.
(source) Your average sponge cake.

Sponge cake is amazing. Light, fluffy, and not too sweet - you can literally eat the whole cake without "feeling it". Suffice to say, if you want a cake with a guarantee that people will like - sponge is your man.

And although the sponginess alone was enough to seal the deal with me, there were several other factors that certainly sweetened the proposal.

First - our consultant, Kristy, was amazingly organized. She gave me a folder with all the details, and even a guide on how to properly cut the wedding cake.

Me: "Really? You really need a tutorial on how to cut a cake?!"

She told me it was mostly for the groom, since in her experience she's seen some mishaps - like the groom cutting the cake and feeding himself - or the couple cutting the Styrofoam dummy tier. Now I'd like to think that Sak is above all that, but I appreciated her sage advice.

Secondly, remember how I talked about all the different kinds of frosting you could have on cakes these days? Well, Satura Cakes one-upped me, and offered something I didn't even research. Fresh cream. Cool whip on my cake?! SOLD.
(source) Pronounced "HWIP".

Now what did we get, exactly?

A four tier, square cakie - approximately 4" high and 10" wide at the base. It's on the smaller side, since light and fluffy sponge cake can only take so much weight. The pyramid will serve about 67 people. In addition to the main cake, we'll be supplementing with sheet cakes in various flavors.

Flavors, you ask?

I liked ALL of them. ALL OF THEM. So we'll be getting one of each flavor. No joke. Four different flavored tiers, and different flavored sheet cakes as well! For "our tier" though, Sak decided he wanted the strawberry shortcake. He'll have to fight me for it, since I'm pretty sure I could down a 4 x 4" cube of fluffy whip cream strawberry goodness in a matter of seconds.
And finally, the design. Since this is a fresh cream cake, we could not go crazy with the design. Simple it is.

The red ribbon around the base will be an edible candy ribbon, since fabric and whip cream don't mix too well. As for the piping design? Well, you can call it cake envy, folks. Sak decided that if we were putting power poles on the cake, then we should also put some low voltage stuff for him. Thus his "design", an op-amp and a mosfet, was born. It'll be drawn around the corners with white piping.

And that, in a nutshell, is our cake. We'll be responsible for bringing the topper and power poles, which the bakers will add on last minute. Now that I have the dimensions, hopefully it'll be easier to settle on an appropriate topper!

How did you know your baker was "the one"? Did you incorporate everything you wanted?


  1. Wow that is crazy, I love your cake mock up! :o) You know how I feel about cake, but you know sponge cake+creme sounds delish!!

  2. I love that you are having all the flavors you liked and dont have to pick just one or two! Can't wait to see this cake!