Friday, January 15, 2010

Floral Forum III

Me: "Dude, wait. Why are the the calla lilies so expensive? Can't we just go with anthuriums?"
Penga-Mom: "I don't really like anthuriums. "
Sak-Aunt: "Me either"
Me: "But we can get them in white. How much different can the be from a calla lily?!"
*Consultant lays some out on the table*

Me: "Oh. I guess they are different. But I still want the anthuriums."
*Collective sigh*

Well, we met with our florist. Between Sak, his aunt, and my mom, there were quite a few opinions to be had by all.

First, the bouquet -

Consultant: "What did you have in mind?"
Me: "I don't know. Tropical. Nothing that looks too much like a ball. Nothing round."
*Blank stares*

Wisely, she had me go through a ton of idea books until we settled on something I liked.


The answer?
White roses

Cymbidium orchids

White Anthuriums



One Penga-bouquet. For Penga-Sis, we'll take out the expensive orchids and replace the white roses with red ones.

Then Sak decided to throw me off my planning-ball.

Sak: "We'll need some boutonnieres too."

Say what?!

Me: "I thought you wanted a pocket square instead. You said flowers were girly."
Sak: "I changed my mind."

I think maybe someone was having flower envy, after seeing us put together my expensive bouquet? Whatever. His aunt decided to appease the future groom by ordering some white roses and babies breath to make him his own little flower arrangement. He's happy now, don't worry.

Finally, we got around to centerpieces. Remember how much I wanted ferns?. Well, I didn't let up, even through the rolling eyes. Here's a prototype:

I'm naming it my "tropics-in-a-box".
I don't remember everything that's in it, but it involved lots of small orchids and a ton of tropical leaves like Ti and Monstera.

An assortment of these, please!

Very rain-foresty. Almost prehistoric (just missing some tree-stars). And of course I persuaded our little party to replace some of the Ti leaves with ferns. Score!

Once that was all settled, and we had all balked at the estimate for a while, Sak handed over the deposit.

Flowers? CHECK!

What's in your bouquet? And how does your FI feel about boutonnieres?


  1. That's too funny my FI did most of the talking at our Floral Appointment, but all I wanted was my color palette. :o)

  2. Haha. Pete keeps swearing he wants pocket squares (we're using fabric from the bridesmaid dresses so its a crazy cheap alternative)... but after reading this I'm thinking about keeping him home while I visit the florist!! I don't need him getting flower envy... :)