Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Seeing is Believing

In the footsteps of many a destination wedding, I had no choice but to book our venues before seeing them in person. Luckily, however, we did get the chance to see them before the actual wedding day. And I'm happy to report, that in this case, real-life was better than the pictures online.

Follow me into our little secret Anela Garden, won't you?

We'll head over to the main house for some last minute prep (equipped even with emergency steamer).

Then we'll waltz over to the chapel..

...walk down the pre-decorated (yay!) aisle...

...and figure out how to position the shorts and talls (doesn't Penga-Sis look thrilled?).

After we say "I do", we'll come out for pictures in front of the fountain...

And beneath the wrought-iron gazebo...

And amongst the surrounding flora, of course!

Once pictures are done, we'll head over to the Manoa Grand Ballroom.

Up on the fifth floor, we'll enter the ballroom in style.

And naturally, we'll pay special tribute to our well-fitted chair covers!

I don't think I could have asked for anything more from our venue visits. The staff were friendly and helpful, and the views much better than any pixel version I've seen. Not to mention, those chair covers fit like a glove. If I hadn't come in person, I might not have known that the aisles were pre-decorated, or that there is a personal changing room at the ballroom. It was definitely worth the visit, and I look forward to coming back in July!

When you visited your venue, did it meet your expectations? Any surprises?


  1. I love the reflection of you two in the Cultural Center of Hawaii building. It looks like you two made this into fun (even though Sis-Penga was having none of it). I'm jealous that you have this all planned out so well. I still don't even know where we'll do pictures or how anyone will get anywhere! (Do people enjoy riding in yellow school buses? Because they're realllly cheap :) )

  2. yah she was hopping mad cause she wanted to go to the beach that morning. lol. AND TOTALLY DO THE SCHOOL BUS! OMMGGG! That would be so amazing. seriously!

  3. Yuor venue is absolutely gorgeous! We had been to our venue a lot before we booked, as it is a restaurant, but when we looked at it for our wedding it was the first tiem we saw the ballroom and it was better than expected. I would have been nervous booking without seeing it in person, but you did an amazing job of findign a great venue!

  4. OH I love your venue, congratulations on finding such a gem! :o) Can't wait to see more!!