Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Putting the Best Face Forward

After the hair was good to go, Dorys moved me to her makeup chair. And I think that chair was magical, because I looked completely different when I left it!

Maleana Cosmetics is a bit unique in that it's Hawaii's first boutique makeup line. Not pleased with the way existing products worked in the island's environment, Dorys created the line to work best in the high heat and humidity. And work it did, that makeup stayed on, bright and vivid, all day and night!

I don't know exactly what kind of magic Dorys worked, but I'll try and interpret from Mom-penga's pictures:

First, 10 pounds of concealer for those baggy eyes of mine!

It's spray-time!
For anyone considering airbrushing, I *highly* recommend it. I could not even feel it on my face, and you can see that it completely evened my skin out.

Next, she applied eyeshadow and eyeliner.

This was probably the coolest part - a curling iron for your eyelashes! It was warm, and curled them up better and more natural than with the normal lash crimper. I need one of these!

For false lashes, she used individual pieces, which look much more natural than the full strip kind.

A final dose of eyeliner...

And finally, she worked on my lips!

Though the color stayed on my lips the whole day (even through eating a pile of kimchee when we had Korean BBQ for dinner!), my lips were very dry. I'll have to remember to extra moisturize beforehand!

Yay! All done!

What do you think?
I was a little worried that the darkness of my eyes was too dramatic, but in the pictures it didn't come out as bold as I thought it might.

However, when I went outside for pictures, I was squinting like crazy because of the sun.
Somehow it doesn't look as good as indoors...

Is this reason to lighten up on the smoky-eye? Should I avoid being photographed outside? How do I avoid the squint?

Did you test your trial makeup out in various lights and environments? How did it hold up through sweat, food and fiance kisses?

*Pictures by Mom-Penga


  1. Love the make-up! She did a great job! I don't know if there's anything you can do to avoid squinting in the sun. I think it's a "grin and bear it" type of situation (but maybe your photographer, if you're having one, has some tips?).

    Oh, and if you have a regular metal eyelash curler at home, use your blow dryer to heat up the curler, then curl your lashes. Works like a charm.

  2. ooh! Great tip! I'm totally going to try that at home now, lol.

  3. WOW! You look absolutely breathtaking!! I really love your makeover! She did such a great job. Seriously gorgeous. I can't wait to see how your pictures turned out.

  4. This makeover is amazing! You look gorgeous and I love the idea of makeup made to hold in the heat and humidity. Beautiful!

  5. you're so pretty, penga, and the makeover did you justice! if you're worried about it being too dark on the eyes (i think it looks just great), you could tell her and have her choose a slightly lighter color or put on less.