Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Past Unveiled

I never planned on being a veiled bride. Only a hair flower or two is what I thought, and I was content.

Until I was presented with this:

That's right - my very own vintage veil pattern from 1951. And not just any pattern, but the one used by my grandmother many years ago for her own wedding.

Who could say no to that? I sure can't. Especially since she told me she can't make it to the wedding (due to my bedridden grandfather). I want her to feel like part of this wedding as possible!

Just like that, it looks like I'll be sporting a veil on our wedding day. There are several different variations included in the pattern, so I don't have to make an exact replica. I don't know how much we'll deviate just yet, but as I doubt I can pull off the Anastasia-esque headgear on the Vogue sketch, I'm sure we'll be working in some modifications.

And my grandmother actually has her veil (and dress), so I'll be able to see a visual example as I go along. Unfortunately, her veil is a bit fragile and worn at this point - otherwise I wouldn't bother "re-inventing the wheel".

I think it looked quite nice on her, so I'm hoping it'll work out for me as well!

Have you had the chance to use anything from the weddings of previous generations? Maybe a dress, a tradition, or simply old pictures?


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  3. Let me try this one more time... I think this is an amazing idea! I'm definitely going to call my grandmother this week to see if she has anything leftover!

  4. That's terrific, it's a beautiful veil on your grandmother and I know it'll be just as lovely on you! :o)

  5. hehe np gator..I've totally done the same thing too ;)

  6. Penga... I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU! Congrats girl, you totaly deserve it :) YAY Miss Sewing!!!