Friday, January 8, 2010

E-Pics: Day 1

After the hair and makeup were finished, and Sak found some hole-less Dockers, we set out for our engagement photo shoot around the island!


The car broke down.

Yeaaah. So much for that grand-master-plan! So now, I present to you the pictures taken down the street from said inicident (while waiting for the tow truck). No joke, these were taken in a parking lot.

Sak: "Huh, what?"

Sak: "What did I tell you about kissing in public?!"

Penga: "Hmmmpphh!"

Okay, so I'm trying my hardest not to look super hopping-mad in all of these, but I really was. Could the car have picked a better day to die? Though in retrospect, Hawaii really does have some gorgeous parking lots.

Well, long story short, the tow truck came, we went back to Sak's Grandmother's house, and used their other car. They urged us to get to Ko Olina beach before sunset, so we rushed over to the West side of the island as fast as the 50 MPH speed limits would let us.

Let me just say, if I were getting married on a beach, Ko Olina is where I'd do it. The place is seriously huge, seriously gorgeous, and seriously perfect for weddings. Nice flat grassy lawns? Check. Nice sunset views? Check. Crystal clear water? Check. Tons of hotels right next door? Check.

Anyway, here's the pictures we took from there!

Not a bad way to end the day, as you can tell by my much happier expression. And the car? Well, it turns out one of the wheel bolts came loose, causing the loud freaky noises on the freeway. We were lucky nothing serious happened as a result, and Sak's uncle easily fixed the problem.

Were your engagement pictures a happy experience? Or did you have to "grin and bear it"?

(All photos by Penga-mom or Penga-dad, over-killed editing by me)


  1. You guys look great! Despite all the car issues, the pictures with you guys in the white outfits are SHARP. And the beach/sunset pictures are a win too!

  2. Beautiful pics! I love the second dress too!

  3. You guys are so cute! The pictures came out really nice. I'm glad everything turned out great in the end. :)