Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sewn Together: Communal Dressing

Makeup set, we kicked the guys out of the suite for some alone time with the white & fluffy.

I snaked into our home-made, two-piece skirt in less than a minute, not cute or bridally at all.

I needed some future-mother-in-law help getting the crinoline in place.

When it came time for the corset, I was pretty adamant that Sak be the one to tie me in. The dress being his handiwork - it was only appropriate.
Plus, I think he's the only one that really knew what he was doing.
And so, Sak tied me into our dress for the last time.

In turn, we helped him finish dressing as well.

And well, we all helped finish dressing each other.

An aunt dropped our flowers off in the meantime, and we blasted the air conditioning in an effort to keep things cool.
Penga-sis was really digging her bouquet. We may or may not have had a few "sword" fights with them.

And lastly, we put on our fancy shoes.

And remembered to stash our wedding bands with us.
All dressed up with a few pre-wedding hours to kill, it was now off to get some proof that we were actually married in Hawaii.

(All images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. These are the most beautiful getting ready photos I've ever seen. You and Sak dressing each other is not only touching but shows how you both helped one another to this point. That you came there as partners and friends, helping each other along the way.

    Seriously, I love these photos.

  2. Another awesome recap Penga! I really like how you guys just did things your own way instead of conforming to an "oh we should do a first look" or "i can't see you until the ceremony!" Go you!

  3. You look so beautiful in your gown! And I love that Sak helped you get dressed. So unbelievably sweet and meaningful after all the hard work both of you did :)

  4. You look goooorgeous!! :-D It was different (in a neat, good way) that Sak helped you get dressed! haha. I guess he did make it. (How many grooms would do that?!) Your sister is seriously a mini-you :-P And flower swords?! YEAH!!! :-D

  5. You look soooooooooo gorgeous!! And I love that Sak tied you into your dress - truly a collaborative effort :)

  6. You look stunning! Your dress is beautiful!! So sweet that your hubby helped you get ready!