Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sewn Together: Details Part 1

Before we party it up at the reception, I'm going to step back and throw out the details thus far. I always appreciated a good detail post while planning, and our photographer took so many pretty shots - so why not?

First up, my bride button I wore while getting ready. It was given to me by my female co-workers at my "corporate bridal shower", along with a VS giftcard (this was as racy as it ever got for me, believe it or not). I was really touched that they remembered me, as we EEs tend to be rather distant when it comes to discussing things outside of electricity and numbers.

Our cranes.

Leftover water bottles from our out of town bags.

Wal-Mart bubbles.

Comic programs and tissue packets. I was happy that the professional (yet affordable!) printing impressed even the professional artists in our guest group.

My pearl earrings and necklace gifted from my grandmother. The necklace is from the now-just-a-memory Mervyn's, and the earrings (I think) from QVC. She loves home shopping!

And a veil made from her own veil pattern.

A DIY hair flower. (One of the hot glued beads fell off the center, if you can tell. I'd recommend sewing it down if you make your own!)

My bouquet and a pearl bracelet, gifted from a friend at Bible Study.

Penga-Sister's bouquet.
(Photo by family)

Sak's boutonniere, made by his great aunt.

His homemade cufflinks.

And everyone's cufflinks with design of their choice. (Seriously, this is one of my absolute favorite pictures. I love all these guys, especially the one with the ring on his finger!)

The three C's and their socks.

And a baby pineapple plant that was growing in the middle of our ceremony venue. SO cute!
(Photo by family)
Up next, we'll get our party on at the reception!

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. I love that all that hard work (phew, you worked a lot) came out so perfectly. And not only for that one day, but for photos that you can cherish forever.

  2. I love all detail photos! These are really great, especially the cufflink photo. I saw a pineapple plant like that the last time I was in Hawaii and took a million pictures of it.

  3. Love it, you look so beautiful and I love the cufflinks you handmade. You are a DIY Goddess!