Monday, November 8, 2010

Sewn Together: Hawaii Proof

Okay, so last minute beach pictures before the wedding seemed like a good idea in theory. Especially since we weren't getting married on the beach, I felt like I needed to bring back "Hawaii proof" to any disbelieving mainlanders. (Kidding, sort of. I really just wanted a few cool beach shots.)
But tourist season in Hawaii is a little crazy (obviously), especially on the Waikiki Beach scene. We tried to avoid some of the crowds by going to the neighboring Ala Moana Beach Park, but parking was a nightmare. Somehow our families and photographer found some parking though, so all was not lost.
(Photo by my parents) I think I made some joke either about the current of electricity or love, I can't remember which.
I found taking pictures in a public setting very much like being in costume at a convention. People stare. People yell at you to do things (Put your dress down! Kiss!).
(Photo by parents) Our vocal audience of beach-goers.
And perfect strangers want to get in the picture with you too.
(Photo by parents) He was a cute little camera model, I admit.
But like true conventioneers, we played off the energy and gave it our all!
"I will eat your ear!"

"I don't think that's how whispering "sweet nothings" works, future-wifu!"

Also like a convention, there was weird stuff going on in the background. Like this baby Hammerhead shark the fishermen behind us pulled up out of the sea.
(Photo by parents)
I wanted to take a picture with it, but Sak didn't think it would be conducive to the cleanliness of my dress. He definitely learned a lesson about being careful around the dress.  Instead, we moved on to a family portrait. (Interestingly, the posed shot is the only one in which I remembered my model arm move.)
And we weren't done until we got some jumping shots. Complete with parent-jumping bonus!

Next we brought on a little pre-wedding "trash-the-dress" by walking out on a rock over the ocean.
(Photo by parents)
(Photo by parents)
It was ridiculously windy.
(Photo by parents)
So we played the "Sak and Penga stand on a rock and try not to fall into the ocean" game.

I love this one since it looks like we're sparring or something. But really we are clinging to each other for dear life!
And finally, a little sand before saying "I do".
(Photo by parents) I'm not kidding about the wind, yo!
Although it was not completely planned out, I really enjoyed our little jaunt on the beach. It definitely helped keep me from getting too nervous, at least. (Probably didn't help the stress levels of our dads and photographer that had to deal with the parking issue though, I'm sorry!) Plus there's just nothing like having bright, fun photos of your handsome groom on a gorgeous island. So far the only wedding pictures hanging up in my cubicle come from our beach shoot. Talk about bringing a warm smile to dreary Bay Area weather!

Next, it's time to head off to the chapel!

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. I am so glad you wore flats! You would have been hurt lady. I am also glad you decided to take these photos - they're fun and so Penga Sak (in the non-traditional fun-ness)!!

  2. Gorgeous photos! Totally worth braving the elements of sea, sand, wind and kids :)

  3. Loooove! Esp that first pic. And all the pics. haha. May I inquire what... editing you did to like say... the one with the parents (and the jutted out on rock)? (I didn't get a both sides parents/family pic. ARGGGGGGGGH!!!) Or is it just the softy editing you did a tutorial once long ago?

    Ooooo baby hammerhead shark! I would've wanted to pose with it too. :-P

  4. Sigh, these photos are just gorgeous (and your captions are hilarious!)

  5. @alvina - i didn't do any editing to the pro pics (except resizing of course), and none to my parents photos either..since i was lazy :P