Monday, November 29, 2010

Sewn Together: Kirei Kimono

Tucked away in the dressing room, kimono dresser H, me, and a troupe of Polynesian dancers began the changing process. Yes, I was really worried about the dancer's next-door party at first, but either we were louder or the sound-proofing was good, because I couldn't even tell they were there.

I shuffled out of my wedding dress, and fifteen minutes later was wrapped up in a gorgeous (and super-heavy) kimono.
Time to go back to the party!

I walked out, and twirled around a bit to the sound of Sak's family applauding.

That surprised me, but I guess they were just really happy that Sak's new wifu was on-board with his culture. Sak, on the other hand, was chided for not having found a matching hakama (men's kimono) to wear. Silly husband.

In any case, I tottered over to thank my friend for letting me borrow the beautiful silk garment.
Pocket obi?
(Photo by family)
And then we took some table pictures.
Our lovely helpers! They did a fabulous job with set-up!

I'm really glad we took the time to do table group pictures. It's nice to have a way to remember who was there, and for someone still learning who's-who amongst her in-laws, they serve as flashcards of sorts. The only problem is people who were in the buffet line for seconds weren't present in the photos, but that's okay. We know who enjoyed the food I guess!

Anyway, after a very short 20 minutes in the kimono I had pined after my entire engagement, it was time to change again. I didn't want to risk having it dirtied, and besides - the lions had arrived.

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. Omigoodness that kimono is stunning! And you look amazing in it!

  2. O my gosh your kimono is beautiful. I cannot even imagine how much it must have weighed though! Phew, it looks like its added about 80 pounds to your tiny frame. Sak should have had a Kimono just to even it out.

    Either way, it is amazing that you honored Sak's family like this - they'll be talking about it for years to come!

  3. So beautiful! What a beautiful garment. I'm so glad you got to wear it, if even for a little bit. I was in my sari for far too short an amount of time, too.

  4. Love kimono!!! :-D And I like the smile before entering sign! :]