Monday, November 15, 2010

Sewn Together: Camera-Happy

My family, Sak's family, and our family friends: they are all camera obsessed.

So right after the ceremony - family picture time, everyone else goes and eats appetizers at the reception hall, right? Nope. NO ONE left. They all hung around snapping away.

Our photographer was probably like, "Holy cow!". So on one group shot, she told everyone to whip out their cameras. How many can you count?

Yeah. I sat there and counted. Thirty-four. Intense!

But the result is kind of neat. I love the candid shots she was able to capture.

My veil really was possessed, people. It even attacked Sak's dear grandma.

My brother and I aren't really hugging types. Can you tell?
Double awkward!

(Photo by family)
(Photo by family) One of the parent-favorites!

And in the nature of being absolutely candid, here's the very first wedding picture I got to see, from friend E. On Facebook, naturally.
You can imagine the comments and captions that followed. *head punch!*

Um yeah. Back to the pretty pictures!

Looks like forced PDA to me. Poor Sak.
Dip illusion!
And luckily for posterity and maybe family honor, we did manage a few formal shots.

Oh, Penga-Sis....

Half of Sak's family.

And the other half!

My "family" (a.k.a. anyone who flew in!)

Our buddies. The irony of this "shakka" photo is that I don't think any of us nerds can surf. Surf online maybe. Couch surf? Or bus surf perhaps.
It was fun. Chaotic, flash-happy fun. And it's kind of touching that guests chose to stay and take pictures with us over the much-advertised agenda of eating food. That's pure family love right there.

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. Beautiful photos! Man, your brother is so tall :)

  2. Aww so beautiful!!! Your brother is really, really tall. haha. :]

  3. Love them all. You are so pretty and your sister is such a Ham. I wish my sister would have been cute like yours... and not, the way she was.