Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sewn Together: Bad Sign for Good Food

(Note: please don't open this post if you have an aversion to decorated, whole roast pigs.)

Alright. We had a great wedding, and I can't complain. But if I can, just for a minute, serve as a warning to other planning brides - do not trust your vendors when they say they can provide signs for the buffet food. If you haven't seen the sign, just don't trust it.

Half sheets of paper, printed out with big, icky font. When I think of buffet table signs, I think tent cards. These never crossed my mind as a possibility. *Sigh*
It's good that I never actually saw the signs until the wedding pictures came in, or for sure I would have been doing a flying leap to remove the offense.

Anyway, the noodle bar appetizer was pretty cool, though I suppose we should have explained how to eat cold noodles since a few confused guests tried to eat it like soup. (For the record, you dip the noodles in the sauce, then eat!)

After our short first dance, my cousin prayed over the food, and everyone hit the buffet line. We had a slideshow going on in the background, which my parents had created. It had funny pictures of us throughout our six years together, as well as wedding photos from various family members in attendance.
(Photo by family)

Although the signs are regrettable, at least the food looked good!
(Photos by family)
(Photo by family)
And I can't believe how awesome our roast piggu was! He's so festive with his hat, earring and tusks! Oh, and he was delicious too!

And in regards to food, here comes mistake #2. When we chose our buffet items, we were given a list to circle. Sak and I matter-of-factly circled all our favorites. Beef sukiyaki, lemon chicken, lechon, etc.
Do you see what the problem with this is? We did not circle ANY vegetables. It was all meat and carbs.

I'm ashamed, people. What kind of gluttons are we that we failed to see the lack of a balanced meal?

Luckily I like fruit, so we at least had a fruit tray, and Penga-mom at the last minute decided Chinese chicken salad would be a good addition, so there were some greens (though I still don't think it counts as a legit veggie dish, since the emphasis is on the chicken and deep fried noodle topping).
(Photo by family)

Though despite our major fail with the food selection, I haven't heard any complaints. Thankfully, it seems most of our guests are meat and potatoes gluttons like ourselves. Sak received plenty of compliments on the tasty food from his family members! *Phew*
They look like they are enjoying themselves! (Photo by family)
Sadly though, I didn't really get to try most of the food. At this point, I was back in the dressing room - changing into reception "dress" number one!

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. Looks delicious! Thanks for the tip on the cold noodles - I probably would have tried to eat it like soup too ;) I know the signs bothered you, but I doubt any of our guests gave them a second thought.

  2. hahaha dude. The awesomeness of the noodle bar + how delicious it all looked I doubt anyone noticed the signs!! They might not have been so bad if they weren't so.... tall. :-P And I think food presentation counts more! Like if you had ugly presented food and pretty signs? Yeah... you got off with the better deal! :-P

    SO funny your piggy had earrings and tusks! I miss good roast pork.

    And I'm pretty sure veggies are things we eat because we tell ourselves it's good for us and that it helps... move things along and vitamins and junk. But we don't actually REALLY want to eat them. :-P

  3. Haha. I LOVE that photo of the big. My extended family always has a whole roast pig for Thanksgiving, so this was very timely! And YAY for the noodle buffet; I remember when you first posted about that - I was so excited!