Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Sewn Together: Lion Dollar Dance

With a quick trip back to the dressing room, I unwound myself from the kimono and slipped on the red cheongsam I bought custom-made from China. It was so much lighter than both kimono and my wedding dress, so I left it on for the rest of the night. It also helped that the dress was a little loose, definitely a comfy thing to be in!

And then the lions arrived.

Sak and I grabbed our red envelopes with each lion's donation. Our goal was to feed them! Unfortunately we were separated by our own head table, so it's a little awkward that we aren't standing next to each other. Staging could have been better, but oh well!
Flirty little lion.

Naw, I think he's just money-hungry!

After they both got ate our envelopes, they stood up and unfurled their banners of good luck.

Our emcee announced that the lions were going around the tables next, and if anyone wanted good fortune, they should feed the lion a dollar.

So I guess we had a dollar dance. Minus bride and groom, plus two lions. I didn't know that this would happen (after all, I've only seen lions fed oranges and lettuce), and I remember being a little worried that the lucrative lions would offend our guests.

But no - the guests ATE IT UP.

(Photo by family)

And so did the lions, obviously! The proceeds go to their non-profit cultural organization, which I guess teaches kids how to be lion dancers. There was always a little kid standing behind the lion, and they took turns being the lion's bum! So cute!
(Photo by family)
Some people even teased the lions, causing them to perform a trick before getting their food!

One friend of ours was particularly excited, and in our wedding video, he's nearly crying in happiness when the lion comes over to him. Who knew they'd have such a big impact?
(Photo by family)
For an on-the-fly decision and ten minutes on the phone reserving our date, I'd say the lion dance was a whole lot of excitement for very little planning stress!

(Unless otherwise noted, all images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. So awesome! Your wedding keeps getting better and better. I love that all of the money went to a non-profit - I definitely would not have been offended as a guest.

  2. I love this red dress - I feel like it should get it's own blog post. And I love it that you did a dollar dance - your wedding was so unique and PERFECT!

  3. Ooo how exciting! I hope there will be more pics of your cheongsam. Cause I can only see the halter back! :]