Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sewn Together: Down the Aisle

Once everyone was successfully herded into the chapel - it was time to get married.
The rehearsal paid off, since everyone floated down the aisle perfectly.

Sak and his paternal grandmother.

Sak-brother and their maternal grandmother.


Penga-Mom and brother.

Happy face!

Well, everyone did a good job except for the bride, I should say.

Anxious like none other, I preempted my queue and dragged my dad down the aisle at a near sprint.
The song we chose was an orchestrated version of Final Fantasy VIII - Fragments of Memories.

It starts nice and flowy, and eventually picks up into something of a march (around the 2:40 mark). I was supposed to start walking at the march part.

However, the march didn't actually start until I was up at the front, grinning stupidly at my almost-husband. Oops.

Sak later confided his disappointment in my lack of musicality, but secretly I think he was pleased at me rushing to meet him like an obsessed groupie.
At the altar, Pastor E asked who was giving me away. I know there's good reason not to like this tradition - as I am certainly not anyones property.  But here's how I've come to see it: before Sak came along, the "owners" (after God, of course) of my love, priority and general day-to-day craziness were my immediate family members. They were the first I ran to when I had news, the first I complained to when something was wrong, the first I asked for help with decision making and the first to whom I confided my plans. That person is now Sak.

So when my father proudly answered, "Her mother and I [give penga to be married]", I had absolutely no complaints. To me, it speaks of my parents' willingness to take backseat to my husband's needs. My family will always be my family, but now Sak is my primary family - the one I am most responsible for caring for.
"Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." - Genesis 2:24 KJV
So finally, with a kiss on the cheek from my father, I stepped up to the altar to join my beloved.

And then it was just me
and Sak
on the verge of becoming husband and wife.

(All images by Terra Photography)

Our wedding week in review:


  1. I love you guys! You're so cute! And I hear you about the "giving away" thing - my brother "gave me away" too. It was a little unnecessary, but I loved the moments of walking down the aisle with my bro.

  2. Sigh!!! Your post gave me chills! I'm absolutely loving your recaps :)

  3. Lovely!!

    I love the picture of your lil sis on the step looking up to your tall brother :oP Is he younger than you? He looks younger than you but I'm not a good age guesser sometimes.

    And I liked my parents giving me away too. Cause they took all these years to raise me!

  4. @alvina - he is younger than me, by 4 years! but definitely not shorter, hahaah.