Thursday, June 17, 2010

Table Identification, Take One

A while back, I talked about how we'd "number" our tables. In summary, I wanted to use location names from a certain computer game Sak and I spent abhorrent amounts of time playing together.

Then I got a little frustrated finding appropriate images, and started questioning the whole idea. It took more time than I should have spent, but eventually we finished enough for 13 tables.

(Image sources: characters, maps, maps, maps)

I tried to add some funny captions, but I think it was a fail. Some of the references are really obscure, and some aren't even references at all.

As cute as Maple images are (don't they just give you the biggest gaming cravings? I die!), I'm really uneasy about using these for our table names. This is mainly because they are really, really pixelated when blown up. Also, the names are a bit small and might be hard to read. And there's really no explanation for any of the images. They are all pretty random. I don't know how we'd explain them anyway, other than "this is a game we used to play all day in college instead of studying". We may have meaningful in-game moments, but I wouldn't expect the average non-gamer to understand that.

But never fear! Right after finishing these I thought of a new idea, and after running it past Sak, we feel it will be a better option. Think of it as a complete 180 from the cute gamer images, but still just as nerdy (if not more).

Did you finish a project only to toss it out for something else?


  1. haha. This was like loaded with nerdiness. :oP can't wait to see the new idea!! I think it'd be cute if more of your friends or people who understood were attending rather than older relatives. Or it can be one of those... we like it, we love it, too bad you don't get it things? :]

  2. I don't know, I'm not a gamer but I totally loved those and i'm sure your guests know you,like video games. I love it but I can't wait to see what your other idea is.

  3. Hmmm very curious to see what you came up with!

  4. Even though you ditched this idea it's so cute. It reminds me of one of my co-workers' proposal stories. We're all transpo planners/engineers so we're dorks to the max. Anyways, he & his (now) wife were into RPG and there was one game they played a lot where you could build your own scenario. So over 2 months he built a scenario at a church where he proposed and all. They're playing the game and get to that part and basically the proposal occurs within the game. The one thing that he forgot was that although he designed the ring for the game, he didn't get her the "bling bling" for realz. :) It's my favorite proposal story yet!

  5. I love how you are putting your personality into the wedding! I'm sure your replacement Idea will be just as sweet :)

  6. Those images are really cute. Shame about the pixelated result!

    Also, what's the name of the game?

  7. @tamar - that is a cute story! but how could he forget the actual ring >.>" lol.

    @amber - it's called maple story! (and it's a free game if you want to try it out, hehe)

  8. You know, I used to play Maple Story back in 2009, it is now 2012.
    I searched for Sleepywood in Google images in attempt to show the area to a person, who I just linked the background music to and found this really cute image :D!

    But I am just here to put, this is very sweet and I hope you two did get married and are still happily married. (Sorry for the blog post, necro)

    Moreover, I've been meaning to try Maplestory again since I absolutely love its music. I couldn't be happier that I'm now going to be playing this game with the girl that I think maybe the one for me... time will tell eh :).

    I give my regards to your marriage and your awesome images and to yourselves and I hope you are having a fruitful loving life two years on from when this was posted.

    If anything ever does happen with my girlfriend, I'll post back ;).