Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Who Are You?

Sak, as you may have noticed, can't see. He needs glasses, and strong ones. Though he has contacts, he just doesn't look like himself without the rims. So naturally we both decided it would be best for him to wear them on our wedding day.

However, there was a problem (isn't there always?). His glasses have transition lenses, meaning they change into dark sunglasses when hit with UV rays.

I'm pretty sure I want to be able to look my future husband in the eye when he says his vows to me. No rock star indoor sunglasses, please!

The solution was simple - have Sak get some new glasses without transition lenses. He was due for an appointment anyway.

But somehow it didn't turn out quite like I had pictured.

Who is this man in trendy square glasses, and what happened to Sak?

We went through every pair of glasses they had in the store. None of them looked like his old glasses. In fact, there were hardly any round rims at all! Most were squared or partially squared, so maybe that's the style now? Frustrated by not finding any matches, he decided he was just going to go in a completely new direction.

Completely new. He likes them, and they look good on him, I admit. But something kind of bothers me. I know I'll get used to them eventually, but being brand new and all - I'm pretty perturbed by the "huge change". I don't want to look at all our photos and only notice his un-sak-looking glasses.
Amazing fiance working hard our wedding music? Nope! Glasses, glasses, glasses!

Hopefully they will be more familiar to me in the coming month. Sak promised he'd bring his old glasses to Hawaii just to ease my mind, though it seems silly to flip out over something so trivial. Obviously the glasses he wears does not change the person he is. But at the same time, glasses play a big part in characterizing Sak, and I've always seen him in round, silver glasses. Think of it as the equivalent of dying your hair blond when it's normally black - it's a big change!

Anyone else undergo a big change right before the wedding? A dye job, perm, new tattoo or a fancy pair of specs?


  1. I kinda went through this in a way with Adam! The same day we went to pick out an engagement ring, we went to pick out new glasses for him, haha! He's such the romantic ;)

    But yes, they were ALL squared off frames. And I was not loving the idea of him proposing to me looking so different! But you have a month, right? You might get used to them by then. It didn't take me long, I actually came to like them better after the initial shock.

  2. I think you'll get used to them for sure by the wedding. It's sweet that he's taking his old pair along too :)

  3. Definitely a change, but you'll be able to get used to them by the wedding, I bet. It's surprising how such a little thing can make such a big difference!

  4. Yes I agree that you'll get used to them. Who knows, you may even end up liking them more than the originals.

  5. It is a big change! My fiance recently switched from invisible wire frames to those thick black plastic frames that all the cool hipster kids wear these days. I told him he's never allowed to go glasses shopping without me again ;)

  6. I love this post! I have dealt with transition lenses through most of my life...they are kinda funny and I wouldn't want my guy wearing them on our wedding day if the ceremony was outside :)

    I get you about how glasses shape a character of someone. Could you imagine how 'weird' it would feel if he went for contacts or Lasik surgery?!? He would be a totally different man to you! :)

  7. @amber - i guess it is just the style these days! glad you got used to them though!

    @ppg- haha! so funny, but that is a big change from rimless to thick rims! i wasn't going to go with Sak til he told me, "but i can't see myself in the mirror to know if they are good or not!" poor guy.

    @mrs.beever - i couldn't imagine him without any glasses at all! that'd be crazy.

  8. haha. Tim wore this glasses for the wedding. I like Sak's new trendy specs! I'm sure in a few weeks you'll be used to them. :] I think the new ones are better than transition, definitely. I think the half-transitioned phase would be weird for pictures :-P