Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Attack of the Veil

So, a veil, eh?
Sak, for some reason, seems to find them more creepy than romantic.

Backing up a bit, I first laid out my grandmother's veil pattern and cut out some tulle. Tulle is ridiculously cheap, by the way.
I decided not to make the little cap that the pattern specified, and instead needed to come up with my own sort of head-attachment. Recently, I've really been captivated by headbands, so I thought I'd start there.

The first attempt was with wire and sewed on ribbon, and um. That just wasn't working at all.
The wire was pokey and not quite bent right, and the ribbon was floppy. Fail veil #1.

A few weeks later, I was visiting Penga-Sis and she dragged me into a Forever 21 for whatever her 11-year-old fashionista needs may be (I had actually never been in the store before). They had a ton of cute headbands there. It gave me one of those "Really? Why did I bother trying to make my own? What is wrong with me?" moments. So I bought some less-than-$5 headbands to try again.

I attached the veil onto the white double-band, and tried to cover the froofy-tulle ends with a strand of pearl beads.
Veil fail #2 - it looked pretty shoddy, and the beads kept slipping around.
You wouldn't like me when I'm angry, veil.

A few weeks after that (it takes me a while to recover from failure, apparently), I took the veil apart again for attempt number three. This time I just attached the tulle directly to the already-made pearl headband.
It works! Woooo!

Okay, so it's not exactly the straightest. I'm hoping that's just because I tried to put it on by myself, and not because it was sewed on crooked.

Despite the much-better-than-before outcome, Sak is still not a big fan of veils. Probably because I keep wearing it around the house while making creepy noises. However, we compromised - I'll only wear it during the ceremony, and not with the veil over my face. Hopefully that will prevent Sak's face from contorting in pure horror as I lurch down the aisle to steal his soul.

Are you wearing a veil? How does your SO feel about the froofy tulle?


  1. I think it came out great! I wouldn't have thought of the headband. :o) My FSIL DIYed mine.

  2. It looks great! Love the pearl headband with it!

  3. I'm wearing one as wel but only for pictures.

  4. Looks great. If I had a veil like that I would definitely be running around our apartment making ghost noises!

  5. haha. my husabund thought one of the first few pictures where you had the patterns on the floor had LIGHTS in it. Maybe sak will like it better with some twinkling leds. :-P

  6. PS - how can you have never been to F21? :-P GREAT wedding accessories finds! ;)

  7. @alvina - ohh, tim turned into "husband" hehe. i like that! are you used to it yet? :) and yes, i'm sure sak would like it better with leds! don't give him any ideas!

    and yeah, i don't get out much or something, but it was a pretty cool store!

  8. I think you look beautiful in the veil! My fiance knows I'm wearing a birdcage veil, but I haven't modeled it for him. We went to a wedding where the bride wore a birdcage veil, and he turned to me and said, "look, she has that bird stuff on her head." I almost fell over laughing. Guess he's not too into veils either :P