Tuesday, June 15, 2010

To Save Your Place

First of all, I'll admit I didn't know what an escort card was until I joined Weddingbee. And honestly, they aren't really crucial to a seating plan - a chart would work just as well. However, like many other things, I became enamored with all the cute ideas and wanted to make my own. And like many other things, Sak rolled his eyes at me, but decided he wanted to be in charge of the Cuttlebug anyway. Such is life.

Though not all our guests will keep their escort card longer than the time it takes to find their table, I wanted to make it a dual-purpose kind of card. You never know, there could be one person like myself that likes to keep everything. Right?

Also, being that we have to either ship or fly all our stuff there, we can't do anything heavy or bulky. We have to stick to paper. And thus, the simple idea of escort card bookmarks was chosen:

I made some boxes in Photoshop and filled them with some pretty screen tones from this website. Then I made a little character using this website. Easy peasy.

Originally, I planned on customizing each character to the respective guest - but that would have taken forever. Plus, Sak wasn't sure what some of his relatives actually looked like. Instead, I made a few different variations - guys and gals with short hair, long hair, no hair, etc. We tried to match them up as much as possible.

I printed them out, in a 2"x5.5" size, though unfortunately it was a little too big for the characters. They turned out rather pixelly. I'm just going to say it should be understandable, since it is a computer game afterall.

Next, Sak cut out the bookmarks and embossed a circle around the name.

And then we backed the card with another piece of card stock. And here is where I must pause, and tell you about the super-awesome addition to my adhesive collection: triangle glue sticks!

This is a must have for gluing paper with right angles. So much easier than trying to get the corners with a round stick!

Anyway, after gluing - I punched hole in the top of the bookmark and attached some ribbon. Taking some leftover scraps of black bag fabric, I cut out some rectangles and stamped the table names on with white ink. It's kind of faint, probably due to the cheap ink I used. I'll have to double stamp these or something.

I punched a hole in the fabric, and tied it onto the end of the bookmark. I chose to keep the table name separate from the escort card in case someone wants to keep the bookmark. I don't think they'd want some random game name written on it. Plus, if I need to rearrange the tables before the wedding, it is fairly easy to remove the fabric name tag.

And we're done!

I'm still trying to figure out how to display these. My initial idea is flopping right now, so I think I need some fresh perspective. How would you display these? And can the place cards be funky and dual-purpose as well, or is Sak-and-team-tent-card right when he says that it would be overkill?


  1. Yet again, an amazing Penga + Sak project! If I got one of these, I'd keep it forever... want to mail me one?

  2. These turned out so great! And the triangle glue stick is genius! Pure genius! I wish I had known about triangle glue this weekend before matting 250 invitations to our pocketfolds. Oh well.

    Since they are bookmarks, could you have them kind of sticking out of some of your favorite books, but so that the guests' names still show?

  3. wow! You are my new craft guru (sorry martha)

  4. WHAT. So awesome. :-D

    I would definitely keep it if I attended a wedding with those! Oh man. TRIANGLE GLUE STICK. Whoever thought of that should win a prize. Genius.

  5. Those are so cute!

    I have to say though, this was my thought process as I read your blog:

    You: "here is where I must pause, and tell you about the super-awesome addition to my adhesive collection: triangle glue sticks!"
    In my head: "Pffft. Triangles? What's the point of that."
    *sees photo*
    *Mind is blown*
    I hope Staples starts carrying these, because I SO want some for my class now! I always hated round ones, but that makes so much more sense for getting good coverage.

  6. seriously, that glue stick is my new best friend. I advocate you all go out and buy one!

    @ppg - i did think of the book idea, since it'd be pretty sweet. but then i thought of not wanting to transport books to hawaii! urgh.

    @tamar & alvina - i hope everyone else wants to keep them too! if they are a hit i'll see about doing more for the santa clara recept.