Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cometa Ribbon

Once upon a time, I fell in love with a little organza bag that was out of stock. Well, it miraculously repopulated, and I snatched some up! Thanks to you readers, I learned that they are of Italian origin, called cometa ribbons.

But then I needed some sort of candy to put in the bags. It was made for jordan almonds, but due to their jaw-breaking quality, I didn't really want to go for the hard sugar coated rocks. I tried all sorts of different candies - Mike and Ike, M&M's, mints - pretty much anything round and small. But nothing worked. It just didn't look like a flower. So I went back and ordered the almonds. Oh well. They may be a little cliche, but they do make for a very pretty flower. And the taste isn't that bad either, if you don't mind the crunch.

So here we go, let's stuff the cometa ribbon!

We started with five almonds and a ribbon. The actual ribbon itself doesn't seem so hard to make, but as the price wasn't bad (and I don't have time anymore), buying seem justifable. There was also a silly little tag on each bag, which we removed.

Next, we shoved an almond into every other pocket. It helps if they are all roughly the same sized almonds, since it makes the flower "petals" look more even.

Now, we cinch up the strings!

And finally, we tie up the ends.

cometa ribbon flower
Since the plan is to place one flower at each table setting, we had about 125 flowers to make. My grandmother took half, and Sak and I finished the other half. We knocked our half out in only a couple evenings, so I'd say it was a pretty easy little project!

Ready for shipping!
wedding candy flowers

Jordan almonds. Love them or hate them? And do they really last forever?


  1. Those bags are adorable! I've never seen them before!

    I wasn't a huge fan of Jordan almonds until I learned of their meaning in Middle Eastern weddings. Basically, the shell of the almond is sweet to symbolize marriage, and the almond itself is bitter to represent the bitterness of the bride having to leave her parents' home. After that, I was all about the almonds and let my mom serve them (in pastel shades, no less) at our engagement party. I think they'll make a great addition to your tables!

  2. I actually like them... It helps to sometimes suck on them for awhile. :-P

    Those are very cute. Random question... what happens if you put an almond in every pocket instead of every other?

    I saw those flower things before and thought them great. :] Glad to see someone using them and it sure adds an easy splash of red!

  3. @ppg - ooh, that's awesome. things are always 10x cooler when they have meaning. :)

    @alvina - i didn't try, actually. maybe it would make a big flower?

  4. Those are way too cute!!! What a great finding.
    I didn't know about the meaning of the almonds either. Thanks PPG for sharing :-)