Sunday, June 20, 2010

Parasol Carousel

During one of many recent internet-shopping-splurges, I snagged a box of 12 plain parasols. The idea being that I would paint them, and then use them for props or shade throughout the wedding day. Even though our wedding will be indoors, we'll still be taking pictures outside, so I think they'll get some use.

A big fan of the "thank you" parasol, which can later be used for thank you cards, I decided an expression of gratitude would be a good place to start.

I printed out some letters, and after roughly cutting them out, I taped them to the backside of the opened parasol. Although, of course, shortly after starting the project, Penga-Mom asked - "Why didn't you write "mahalo" instead?"

Yeah, I'm pretty sure my mind just checked out completely. Oh well. Let's continue.
I traced each letter onto the front side of the parasol, using a dull-pointed pencil. I may have poked a hole in the thin paper anyway though, it's tough!

Now it's painting time! I used simple acrylic paint, and a way-too-cheap plastic paintbrush.

The bristles really did not want to behave, hence the splattery lines on the top of that "a".
With a little patience, I managed to go back and try to smooth the lines out. Penga-Bro's snake was getting curious by all the action.


It's fun, but I think next time I would not try and arc the letters around the parasol. I've looked at some pro-parasols, and it seems that the words are usually written straight across. Much less awkward that way. And I'd also invest in a higher-quality paint brush.

For kicks, I tried to free-hand some sakura flowers. It didn't come out so hot though, again mainly due to the fact that the paintbrush hated me.

There's a lot of parasols left - though I haven't figured out what else to paint on them. We gave some of the parasols away, too. A couple to a friend of mine, one to my sister - there's just no way I have time for all 12 of them.

Are you planning on utilizing the parasol for some decorative shade?


  1. That's a really awesome project. I love the thank you cards, and this is a more creative than holding up signs that say "Thank" and "You"! I think that it came out really well, though I totally understand your frustration about using a poor brush!

  2. I made five parasols too. Well not made, but embellished. I wrote just married on my aqua one and the letters L O V E on each of the 4 white ones. My ladies will spell out the word love when they hold them up. I used a sharpie to pint them in though. I was just too scared to use paint. Yours look great.

  3. Very nice :) If I end up having an outdoor wedding in the summer like I hope, I plan on using parasols for shade.

  4. That looks awesome! It looks like it was printed on, way to go Penga!!

  5. It looks so pretty. Great job !!!
    I love parasols but I am getting married indoors at night, so I don't think there will be a way to incorporate them :-(

  6. I wanted one! But didn't have time or energy to make one. Yours look fantastic though and I think the curvy letters are just fine :)