Monday, December 21, 2009

Yukata? Yes!

My mother called me today, to tell me a certain international package had come in the mail! (I usually have packages sent to her house since my apartment complex is prone to "misplacing" boxes.)

She went ahead and sent me a few pictures of the contents:

Two brand new yukata from Sak's parents in Japan! Whee! If you remember, I previously wrote about how much I wanted to wear something from Sak's culture for our wedding. Now it looks like I'll be able to - at least for engagement pictures!

I love how the geta (shoes) also match the yukata fabric!

The geta are worn with tabi, which are socks made to be worn with sandals.

I have a collection of them, actually. Like a complete nerd, I used to wear them around college with my Rainbow sandals on cold days. However, for some reason, they are all made with printed fabrics. I'll need to find some plain white ones for Sak and I to wear!

We'll also have to figure out how to wear it properly - tying an obi (sash) is no joke! It can become quite complicated if you have an intricate kimono on.

(source) Just look at all the stuff going on in that belt!

Luckily, I'll probably end up only trying a butterfly obi knot. It's much simpler, and commonly seen on yukata. Isn't it cute?

Sak will use the men's obi style, which looks like significantly less work:

The yukata were sent to us ahead of our engagement picture time for the sole purpose of practicing with the obi tying. I've got about a week to learn, but I think they will make for some pretty awesome photos!

Anyone else have cultural outfits that require instructions? Are you wearing any as part of your wedding or engagement ensemble?


  1. I love yukata! I really wish I had bought one when I was in Japan a few years ago. I don't think I would wear one for the ceremony or anything but it might be fun for the rehearsal dinner or something. I like the idea of using them for the engagement pictures - super cute!

    One thing I thought about was finding a dress that had an obi-like sash on it but I fell in love with a dress that i don't think it would work with. Oh well, I'm sure we'll find plenty of other ways to tie various cultural things in :)

  2. I feel like our wedding has no culture since both of us are so very American... I love how you're incorporating so much of both of your cultures into your wedding! So jealous :)

  3. Wow! those are stunning pics! I never realized how intricate it could all be! I love the cultural elements you are incorporating. Can't wait to see the e-pics now!

  4. Very beautiful!! I want one too! I love the bright colors in the one that his parents picked out for you and can't wait to see pictures of you guys in them. :) I am on the search for a pretty kimono robe to wear for the getting-ready portion of my wedding day. I think it will be comfy and turn out nice in pictures.