Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Make'n it Up as I Go

Notice: DIY posts and drawings will be a little sparse in the weeks to come, since I've got now only 15 days in which to finish my labor of both love and hate - 120 bags of mass destruction.

On the other hand, since my hair and make-up trial is quickly approaching, I guess I could talk about some girly frou-frou now. Which should be interesting, considering that I live with a man, work with (mostly) men, make friends with (mostly) men, and act like a man.

Ohh, manly gaming-stance.

Okay, so maybe I don't really act like a man. But I must admit that most of the more feminine aspects of wedding planning (hair, dresses, jewelry, makeup, etc) scare me a little since it's all relatively new territory.

However, onward soldier, to the point of this particular post! - Makeup!

Typically, I use only a little foundation/concealer/whatever pale colored powder is lying around for my seriously dark under eye-circles, some carmex on my lips, and a line of liquid brown eyeliner on my upper lids. That's it!

So how do I step that up for the wedding day? Hopefully a little better than that trip to the Macy's makeup counter the hour before senior prom.


That time around, I made the mistake of not knowing what I wanted (as well as being a teenager who didn't plan on buying anything from the overworked rep).

So this time, I'm going in prepared with ideas and wads of cash. The following is a barrage of looks that I like (after which I'll try and analyze any noticeable trends):

What do all these have in common? Well, I see a few trends -
1) None of them have under eye circles whatsoever.
2) None went overboard on the eye make-up.
3) Plump, red, lips!

So from this information, here's what I'm going to tell my hair and makeup artist -

-I don't want to see my under eye circles. In fact, can we make my face as shadow-free as possible? One smooooth, matte surface, please.
-Please make my eyes bright and big (like an anime character?). But please hold the purple and blue eye shadows, none for me!
-I love my lips (sung like Larry the Cucumber of course). They are small and plump and cute, so please emphasis that with a warm, glossy color.

Here's my un-made mug for reference -

What do you think, can I make this look work? Should I go for something else? How did you find your makeup style? Through photos of gorgeous people that look nothing like you, or from the supreme knowledge of already understanding what works best for you?

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  1. wow, you've done your research! i think you have a very good idea of what you want--strong but clean eyes, and playing up the lips. stunning!