Saturday, December 5, 2009

Easels Get A Paint Job

While perusing Daiso one day, I happened upon a guestbook epiphany. What if we had mini easels with canvas you could paint and sign the back of?
One per table?

Well, Sak and I found our 20 easels, courtesy of every bay area Daiso there is. Only problem? They were white easels, not black like what I had in mind.

Time to break out the acrylic paint!

Two coats needed...

...And we're set!
Now they're ready to be taken over to Hawaii with us and put into Sak's family storage unit.

The stands were simple enough, but the concept is still causing me a bit of trouble. Let me ask you for help defining the best way to make this idea work. First, I'll be putting a backing onto the 4x6" canvases so that people can "sign the guestbook". I eventually want to hang up the 20 or so painted red & black pieces in a collage/mural in my home. They'll paint with brush pens, not actual messy paint.

Now, what kind of mural?

Should I outline one overall large image, and have each table "color in" appropriately, to piece it together at the end like this:

Or should a sample of what they should draw on a tag, and get everyone's interpretation of a similar image like this:

Or should I give them a free-for-all, and let them draw whatever it is they want? (Oh, I foresee the abstract art scribble!)

How much artistic freedom would you like as a guest? Or would you rather just sign the back and leave the scribbles and coloring to someone else? Are you having any off-the-wall logistics problems with your guestbook?


  1. Free for all! This way you have options on how you want to display them. You won't always be living in your current place and your tastes will definitely change so the option to move them into a different room or separate them will come in hand in the future :)
    Just a thought!

  2. I just LOVE art so much! Happy Monday!