Friday, December 4, 2009

Cakie! - The Lights Come On

In a glorious end to a week of fails, these cuties came in the mail last night:

My cake power poles! A huge shout-out and thank you to Ashinwi, who gave me the link to the pole-selling shop!

Now, since wood poles are for sissies, I'm going to have to paint them silver for some tubular steel pole action.

I'm thinking silver edible paint? That way I won't have to worry about poisoning anyone.

Should I should paint them myself, or have our baker (whenever we find one) do it for us? Do I hold onto them, or give them to the baker six months out? What if they lose them? (I guess I guess the safest bet is just to ask the baker.)

The next question is, what to use for cables?

Wire, I think, would be too unwieldy. I can just see a piece coming undone and springing a big hole right into the side of the cake. *shudder*

I do have jewelry wire, which is a little less rigid, that we could use -

Or maybe some embroidery thread (though I'd have to get some in black)?

In any case, I'm pretty excited about this cake now. Sak and I will have to visit a hobby shop and get a cute little LED lamp for the top.

..And only somewhat unrelated, but undeniably adorable:

Little streetlight place card holders! *swoons* These would be so neat for a vintage/romantic Audrey Hepburn-type wedding. Or it would be neat for those that name their tables after cities/districts, since each card looks like a little street sign. I love it, but unfortunately it doesn't mesh too well with my decidedly Asian theme-vibe. Oh well, just thought I'd share anyway! :)

Why is everything in miniature always so cute? Does silver paint make your tongue sparkle? What do the power poles look like where you live? (The construction tends to differ by area.)


  1. Those are so fantastic! I'm living vicariously through others in terms of cake design - we're going the cupcake route, which, though delicious, is not easily decorated. I can't wait to see it all assembled!

    I am also very entertained at your last question - power poles really ARE different across the country (and by nation, I'm sure)! We have to drive for the holidays, and on the way there are some power poles that look like giant slingshots. I'll try and find a picture. I love them!

  2. Intriguing! I'd love to see them. The type we have here are rather plain, but I hear they get pretty crazy in other countries. Like 12 or more circuits per pole, where usually we only have 3 or 6 or so. :)