Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trouble in Paradise!

One random-sample pat down, turbulent flight and missing tolietry bag later, I've arrived in Hawaii.

As we did not have any wedding-related work planned until the start of business hours Monday, we did like any respectable tourist, and headed to the beach. Ala Moana beach park, to be exact, as it was close enough to my parent's hotel and a tad bit cleaner than Waikiki's pools of sunscreen.

After a bit of snorkeling, Sak and I sat on the beach mats to get some sun. For fun, I muddled around taking ring shots on my toe.

As you can probably guess, my ring was quite sandy after this, and I didn't want to put it on. I gave it to Sak to hold while it dried enough to flake the sand off. He put it in his lap. Then, while my brother and I took pictures of my parents in the water, Sak stood up.

It took me about three minutes after that to remember that my ring was not in it's normal spot on my finger. I threw a look to Sak, waving my empty left hand around expectantly. His face fell, and my heart with it.

"I don't have it," he said.

Panic knocked at the door, but I refused to let it in just yet. How far could it have gone? It had to be around here somewhere. We started searching the towels and beach mats, pockets and beach bags, even the snorkel gear cases in case it had fallen inside. My brother wondered what we were up to, and his eyes grew wide at the news. He eyed the area I most feared. The sand.

Could it have fallen off the security of the mats, into the unforgiving, shifting sands? I will not lie, I was very upset at this point, but Sak had just about lost it. Infinite apologies were uttered every couple of seconds. All three of us sifted through the sand over where Sak had been sitting, feeling between the sticks and stones for one small piece of metal.

My parents, who were in the ocean with my sister, looked back to see our frantic efforts. To an outsider, it probably looked like we were simply playing around in the sand. My dad came over, interested, only to flip out at the news. Immediately he began crafting plans of finding a metal detector (not exactly useless anymore...), but my mother came up from behind and calmly stated that it couldn't have gone that far.

Five minutes turned into ten, which turned to fifteen, each minute more nauseating than the last.

I ran my hand over an area about a foot from where Sak had sat. One pass, two passes, three passes...something shiny caught my eye! It was my ring! It was about an inch and a half down in the sand, and practically a miracle that we found it. My dad huffed and puffed for a bit, and instructed me never to take it off again. Sak, still feeling that it was all his fault, went to go pull the car around for us. It was safe to assume we were all effectively "beached-out" at this point (except for my little sister, who had no idea what had happened, and did not want to leave for the life of her).

So the moral of the story? Be careful with beach ring shots. Be very, very careful.

(Apparently not such a rare type of accident?)

Have you had any "near-misses" since your engagement started?


  1. OMG! That made MY heart skip a beat! I'm so glad you found it, and I'm really, really dang jealous of you! Have fun!

  2. That is the scariest thing ever. I once took my ring off to wash my hands (on day 2 of having said ring) and one of my co-workers came over and said "Is this one of yours?" And I must have blushed eight shades of hot-pink.

    Moral of the story- it always stays on. :o)

  3. I am currently packing for our trip and I lost my ring for about 15 minutes. I took it off to put some lotion on and it fell into my suitcase (unknowingly)... I went crazy trying to find it! Thankfully, I grabbed it just in time and am headed for the airport. Glad to hear that you found yours! Its a quick reminder to keep this baby on my finger :)

  4. wow, that must have been SO stressful. i'm so so so glad you guys found it. phew!

  5. Oh my gosh!! You scared me! I thought that you had lost it for good. I am so happy that you found it though. What a relief! I think that the rest of your trip would have been a bummer had you not found it. You got so lucky!

    I wanted to let you know that I sent out your package last week so you should receive it any day now. Patrick typed up some instructions on installing the software, but let me know if you have any questions.

  6. I'm glad I found it too! VERY VERY glad! lol.

    @Bee - Thanks!!! I'll look out for it. We put a hold on our mail while we were on vacation, but it should resume now that I'm back! :)

  7. Oh no! It's crazy to think that you could lose it pretty much right where you are standing, isn't it? So scary. I thankfully have not had any big problems like that and hope that I do not in the future :) Glad it worked out for you.