Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Because 7 Dresses is Just Not Enough

Engagement photo time is coming up soon, and it seems I have more outfits than necessary. Well, what's one more?

Noting the suggestion of needing a shorter, solid-print dress, I picked up this B. Darlin dress from Ross for $8.99:

messy house alert!

It's a taaaaddd tight on me, but hey..it was $8.99 and it has pockets! I couldn't refuse.

However, it is strapless. And I'm scared of the effect gravity may have on strapless dresses, so let's add a halter, please.

Taking a piece of white scrap fabric, I cut out two, 27" x 4" strips.

I sewed them in half length-wise, flipped them inside out, and stitched them onto the dress by hand.

That's all there is too it! Just tie the straps around your neck!
I even tried some red lipstick for effect!

Such a poser!

Do you think it helps the overall look any? It certainly helps my "please-don't-fall-down" fears, so mission accomplished!

And to go with my dresses, I also picked up these shiny silver sandals for $12.99 (also from Ross).

We'll add to that some hair flower pins borrowed from a recent bride/family member.

And a crocheted jacket for the windy-side of the island?
I think we have a winner! My first white dress ever!

Then Sak, curious as to my parading around in a dress all day, ended up wanting to play dress up too. Who knew that he just happened to have a white silk shirt lying in the back of his closet? Unfortunately, he ran away before I could snag a picture, but you'll see him soon enough!

We're ready for some pictures now! Let's go!

How many engagement outfits did you (or will you) have?


  1. That is terrific I love the outfit. I think we're doing some photos with my FSIL/photographer this weekend but waaay more laid back aka PJs and Cocoa laid back. I definitely love having excues for LWDs :)

  2. OMG Penga, you look so HOT in that dress! It looks like it was made to fit you perfectly. I love it. The halter straps also look nice. I can't believe you got such a great deal on it!! WOW, you can't beat $8.99 for such a nice dress. Can't wait to see your pictures. Have a great time on your scouting trip and photo shoot!

  3. That dress is freaking adorable!! I can't believe it was only $9! Very cute =]

  4. I loove that dress! It looks awesome on you! I so wish I had a Ross close to me!

  5. that dress is a winner! i think the halter strap is a great idea (i'm adding one to my wedding dress). you look fabulous!!!

  6. That's adorable. The halter and the red lipstick totally make it. Fabulous!