Sunday, December 13, 2009

Close Encounters of the Dress Kind

Coming up at the end of next month is our scouting trip to Hawaii. My parents, who are high school sports photographers, will be taking more engagement pictures this time. Hopefully with more knowledge of "couple-photography" and less "diving-for-touchdowns".

So while Mom is studying composition, I am tasked with finding some outfits.

Unfortunately, however, I'm a bit...shall we say, fashion-challenged. Not in the sense that I think unflattering things look good on me, but more like I have a hard-core case of apathy.

Maybe it's because I work in an environment where they don't seem to care much for clothes. Maybe it's because my mother never instilled any knowledge of fashion in me as a kid, and "What Not To Wear" hadn't aired yet. Maybe it's because I'm a big nerd, and always thought it more fun to wear screen printed anime/starwars/80's pop culture tees rather than the hip & cool trends of the time.

But it's probably just because I'm a cheapskate. I shop for clothes maybe once a year. Most of my clothes come from birthday gifts, actually - my loving family reaching out benevolently to the sad, 24 year old woman that still wears the same clothes from high school.

So it's no surprise that my family offered to help pick out my engagement picture outfits. Thank the maker for them!

Here's what they picked out for me (please excuse my mess of a house):

These are from Macy's, where my aunt works. Hello, discounts! Can you see she really likes a certain color-combo? Bold is beautiful, dah-ling.

This plaid number comes from American Eagle, courtesy of another aunt. Light, frilly fun!

Okay, I admit, Mom and I pulled these from the 75%-off rack at Target. But whatever, they are airy and super comfy.

And just for kicks, I also tried on this old dress, which I've had since middle school. (Can't believe I fit it again!)

To make my dress collection complete, I think I need one more, hopefully a solid colored, longer, flowy beach dress. Maybe I'll hit up some goodwill's before we go. Notice that all the above dresses are printed. I've heard a rumor that printed dresses don't come out so well in pictures. Am I better off with solids? Help educate a girl, please? :)

I asked Sak what he'd like to wear, to be met with the usual "I-don't-really-care" shrug. I'd love to see him low-rise man-jeans, but he has denim-phobia, and has never and will never wear any. So I'm thinking his usual khakis and a white cotton shirt. If I do end up finding a solid colored dress, I'll let him wear one of his printed aloha shirts. Matching muumuus maybe?
I don't think Sak would go for something like this...

So tell me, am I the only one that needed help to pick out her engagement shoot outfits?


  1. It's definitely hard to pick out any piece of clothing that you know will be in pictures that you will look at for years to come. I love the blue and white dress, did you say that was from Target- good job!

  2. haha, thanks AZ! that one is the most comfortable of the bunch. Only $7 bucks! lol

  3. I really like how the last one looks on you because it fits you well and hits above the knee, making your legs look longer. Its funny that you threw it in just for kicks. :) The ones from Macys are really nice but I think they would look better if the hem was taken up just a little. But you are so cute that I think anything will work. For my engagement shoot, I wore 3 different outfits: #1)A yellow print dress with white flowers paired with a solid white top. #2)A printed pink skirt with white flowers paired a solid pink top and white cardigan. #3)A casual black top paired with fitted jeans. I read that busy prints don't turn out well in pictures because they are distracting and take away from the face. I like my prints, but I kept it solid on top to avoid the busy look. Perhaps you can wear a solid cardigan sweater over one of these pretty print dresses? :)

  4. Totally great advice, Bee! Thanks! I'll have to look for something that won't get too hot out on the beach.