Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Well Suited - Or Not.

Ready for some more fail? I've got plenty.

My grand-master-plan before Thanksgiving was to get pics of Sak and our brothers trying on suits in Monterey so I could post some awesome pictures.

Well, that didn't happen, for two reasons. First, apparently most shops don't let you take pictures.


I guess it's similar to how some bridal shops won't let you take pictures in the designer dresses, but Macy's said no pictures. I didn't bother trying at Men's Wearhouse, for the second reason.

Nothing fits my fiance.

Macy's took one look at him and said, nope, not going to happen. Men's Wearhouse put three different jackets on him before coming up with some elaborate tailoring scheme I'm convinced would not be worth the effort. Banana Republic had nothing smaller than a 32 waist (we need a 27).

His chest is too flat (can I say that about a guy?), so he couldn't "fill out" any of the jackets. His arms are also too short, but that (I'm told) is an easy tailor fix.

So I tread lightly across poor Sak's masculine pride and asked the salesman - "Do you think I could try a children's suit?"

Luckily for his pride (and only his pride), his shoulders happen to be normal-man size, so a boy's size probably wouldn't work.

And since the boys want to match, we ended up not getting anything for Sak-brother or Peng-brother either.

So what do we do now?

The salesman at Macy's suggested Sak try the Nordstrom's in San Jose. We both supressed an inner snark-laugh at this, but it makes sense despite the stereotyping. Of course you'd send the small Asian man to an area with plenty of other small Asians.

So the new grand-master-plan is this: Sak and I go to Nordy's in San Jose, and after we find something that will fit him, we'll take down the "part number" of the suit, and have Sak-brother try on the right style at Nordy's in LA. Peng-brother will just have to spare a weekend to come up to San Jose himself, since I don't think they have a Nordy's in San Luis Obispo. I wonder how hard it will be to fit my 6'3" bean-pole of a brother? Hopefully easier than my 5'2" FI. Sak-brother is the only normal sized guy around, it seems.

Penga-brother and Sak, two extremes!

And if, for some unforseeable reason it doesn't work out at Nordy's - we're going to the Chinese Bridal shop in downtown San Mateo, and have something custom made.

Any other options you can think of? How are you getting your men dressed? Any difficult sizes to accomodate?


  1. Poor guy! I feel bad saying this, but this post made me laugh - You are hilarious! We're using a local tux shop, so I can't be of much help, but I hope everything works out at Nordstroms!

  2. Poor guy! I bet he's frustrated! I have no bright ideas for you. Sorry :(

  3. Oh my goodness, I agree with LauraLou, your writing style made me laugh, even though the situation is no so funny! We did MW Tux, but all our guys were normal or well above normal sizes so MW worked for us! Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it all turns out :)

  4. Ok, I just saw the amazing work you did for A Very Gator Wedding and am completely jealous! WOW! You are super talented! Would you be interested in doing one for us? No pressure!

  5. Hi Choco~ I'll add you to the list if you'd be so kind as to link me to some photos and tell me what kind of drawing you'd like. You can comment down at this post here: