Thursday, December 24, 2009


It's Christmas Eve, and how am I spending the day in the freezing coastal town of Salinas, California?

Getting my toes done, of course!

Unbeknown to me, Mom-Penga had arranged pedicure appointments for us girls (herself, sister and myself) in preparation for our impending Hawaii trip. (Not pictured is Dad-Penga's spray tanning appointment...just kidding!)

Can I say this is important for a bride to worry about? Of course not. But when you plan on taking plenty of beach pictures with sandals and bare feet, it certainly doesn't hurt.

Especially when you have the nastiest toes on the face of the earth. I apologize for the image, but I have this horrible bad habit of chopping my toenails off too short - every, single time. Most recently, this over-zealous clipping resulted in half of my big toenail accidentally tearing off (sigh).



Luckily, the salon artists restored my poor toe to normalcy! The filled-in nail not only looks better, but will keep sand from rubbing against the weak, thin parts of the torn area.

I think I'll need another pedi before the wedding, since the chances of me messing up my toes again is just too high. I do really like the pinkish color I picked today, but for the wedding I'll probably match "our colors" and go with a red shade.(And if you're ever in Salinas, Hollywood Nails is the go-to spot for cuticle care!)

Anyone else splurging on a mani/pedi before the "big day"? What will your wedding-toes look like?


  1. i am definitely going to get a mani/pedi. i've sworn them off for budget reasons, so i can't wait to splurge a little right before the wedding. your toes look pretty as can be!

  2. Your mom was so sweet to book appointments for you guys. I love getting pampered at the salon. Your pedi came out so cute. I don't think I would be brave enough to post pictures of my feet because I have hideous toes. haha.