Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dress Stage 0

Two weekends ago Sak and I went to our favorite fabric store in SF, to search for the final dress fabric!

We came home with 20 yards of bleached white muslin for the under layers, 16 yards (the whole roll!) of poly poplin for the top layer of the skirt, and 2 yards of lace for the top layer of the corset.

As you can see, we're still going to have to battle the "shiny" on the lace...but at least the poplin is not as reflective as the taffeta or satin. I may continue to search for a matte-finish if anyone spots one, please let me know!

We also looked at the eco-friendly fabrics, since that was our original intent. Unfortunately, the only types they had were jersey knit and canvas! And I already have a canvas dress, I don't need another one! So sadly, we'll have to destroy the earth on this one. :P

A closeup of the lace pattern (with flash):

And then again without flash:


  1. you may not have to worry that much about the "shine" on your lace with professional photos. i heard that with point and shoots, since the flash is directly pointed at the object, that it usually creates a glare. with professional-grade cameras, though, the flash is atmospheric so it won't be reflecting right off the lace. yes, i'm going through your entire blog right now.

  2. Hmm. good point! I didn't even think about that. :)