Saturday, September 5, 2009

Dress Mock-Up Stage 3

Saka gets all the credit for this one..

With our leftover muslin pieces, he decided to try and make the top corset with our pattern:

He extended the bottom of the pattern by about 2 inches, since I wanted it to fall at my hips rather than my waist. We also decided that instead of buttons, we'd modify the pattern to use a corset-style, lace-up back.

Isn't it beaaauuuttifulll??

What do you think? should we add some straps?

Here's the back:

I think he did an excellent job! I hope the actual dress turns out this good!

Next steps? I'm going to try and make some fabric flowers to pin onto the back, and maybe the shoulder if we go with straps. Then we'll be ready for the real thing!

We're thinking some nice, non-shiny sturdy cotton fabric for the bottom, and the same for the top, only the top will have an outer layer of some sort of lacy fabric. It's so exciting to know I have a budding tailor for a future husband!


  1. Why thank you ^^! The fun part will be transforming this thing into a fanime costume..any ideas? haha

  2. lol. You could always zombify it! Or maybe something Clamp related?

  3. oh! a zombie would be so fun! I don't think I could ever pull off a clamp though, you have to be like, six feet tall and a size 0 for that! lol. but I really do love their dresses..

  4. unbelievable. stunning! i think it's so sweet that you guys are working on this together.