Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So what are we waiting for?

While we wait for our save-the-dates to come in the mail, we're missing one crucial step in this process.

The stamp:

The post office released this stamp to commemorate Hawaii's 50th birthday as a part of the USA. But upon visting several post offices, it seemed like they were fresh out. So naturally, we went online instead. I ordered several sheets of the new Hawaii Statehood stamps to adorn our envelopes, at only a dollar's cost for the shipping. USPS's website says they will be mailed with 1 day priority mailing, arriving in 3-5 days.

Planning a wedding has really opened me up to the world of online ordering. It's a great way of getting exactly what you need - and for weddings, we often need somewhat obscure things. How have your online purchases gone? Any hiccups along the way?

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