Monday, September 21, 2009

This little light of mine...

Elaborate flashes of color uplighting a lush topiary or architectural feature? Tiny yellow flares sprinkled across a venue like a magical fairy land or distant galaxy? Lighting can sure create an atmosphere, transforming even the dullest of spaces into a breathtaking dreamscape.

Unfortunately for us, interesting lighting is on the the list of 'would be nice, but...' ideas. So no elaborate lighting? Fair enough, but we can still do something simple, right?

Tealights. Perhaps the most commonly used, these little candles are cheap and efficient, bringing instant table-side glow. But we're going to cheat a little.

LED tealights. Much more expensive, I know. But the price difference is worth the peace of mine that come with the small electronics. It's worth it to know that there's no way your 19 year old brother can set himself on fire, or that your fiance himself won't burn something down. Bored budding pyros and open flames don't mix. Not that I think anyone would be bored, but you never know.

So Saka and I flopped over to Big Lots and picked up about 60 of these little guys.

Now what should we put them in? Here's what they look like in the Ross glass holders:

They look better in person..the LED's flicker, so it's hard to take a picture with them all on at the same time! Unfortunately, they are too fragile to make it to Hawaii, so these will only be for the California reception. So what else could we use? Maybe origami holders? a little ribbon? Beads?

Are you using tealights or votives? What are you putting them in?

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