Monday, September 7, 2009

Dress Flowers?

Happy Labor Day everyone!

Unfortunately, poor Saka is at work.. But it's just one sacrifice he'll have to make for our hopefully three week honeymoon to Japan!

In the meantime, I've been experimenting with dress flowers!

The first attempt was from a book I have called "Kokoro No Te", but it turned out much too pointy..

The book example used a lighter fabric, and was only a few inches tall. This one is, well, nearly a foot!

Next I went online to look at different "DIY"'s some of the links I found:
fabric flower
geisha flower
fabric roses
Martha's silk flower

I went with the rosette for now, since it seemed like a good match for the bumpy skirt.


I did cheat a little though. Instead of sewing the entire flower& beads together, I used hot glue! Gotta love the easy-way out!

Will you be utilizing any fabric flowers on your wedding day? Are you making them yourself?


  1. Those rosettes are cute!
    You could also try stringing beads on fishing line or whatever and making little bead loops amongst the petals or maybe hang some beads from some of the roses. I dunno, it might look cool or maybe too crazy. hehe. ^.^

  2. Oh! That would be cute! (I don't know if you can tell but I cheated with the hot glue gun on these..heheh)

    Like a bead outline you think? or more inside the petal rather than the edge?

  3. lol. I can't tell. ^_^

    I was thinking just random loops of beads on and behind the petals, but I think an outline of beads on the petals edge would look nice.

  4. ha! we should get together and experiment! (then sell the samples on etsy! >.>")