Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Can Get Married Now

We've come a long way. From our completed mock-up to pre-dress jitters to an unholy stain-induced meltdown, we've seen it all.

And I have a confession - we actually finished the dress a week ago. However, I wanted to wait until Mother's Day to try on the whole ensemble. Since Mom wasn't able to experience the whole mother-daughter dress-search bonding like you see on Say Yes to the Dress, I at least wanted her to be the first to lay eyes on our finished project.

It's no easy matter to photograph a white girl in a white dress, it seems. But not impossible, thanks to my patient father who sat through my incoherent diva-demands. So with no further rambling, here is our $300, 5 week-long project. Our labor of love: my dress.
The bridal portrait glamour shot!

A little back action. (There's actually a sheet tucked under the hem, keeping the dress away from the grass stains!)

Practicing with a bouquet made of roses (that we later gave to my grandmother for Mother's Day).

A cluster of fabric flowers, crawling up the shoulder. Interestingly, the strap can go on either side of the dress, and is also removeable!

A little angle to show off those pick-ups!

We didn't change too much from the first mock-up. Although (to my delight), Sak did take it in several inches! There is really no room for weight gain now, so I've got to stay active in the couple months remaining!

Under the skirt is a crinoline I bought for about $30, to give the skirt some fullness. I haven't added any fabric flowers to the back of the skirt yet - and I'm not sure if I will. I couldn't figure out where to place them so they looked like part of the dress. They might have to stay out. Maybe I'll use the extras to decorate my hard hat instead!

Later that day we went to visit my grandmother, and I tried the dress on once more.
Sak, standing by anxiously as Penga-Grandmother checks his work!

She gave us the thumbs up, much to our satisfaction!
Team sewing, for the win!

Oh - and am I happy about my dress? I think this goofy face says it all:
What am I doing? Scratching my bum? How awkward.

How'd it feel to finally put your perfect and fitted dress on? Did it give you tears of joy? Jumping jacks of exuberance? Shimmy-ing of sassiness? Karate kicks of pure adrenaline? Or an itchy bum*?

*Just kidding, I'm really just holding my train off the floor. No bustle in place yet.


  1. WOW. The dress, and you in the dress, both look AMAZING. You and Sak did a fabulous job! (Bridal hard hat? Also awesome!) Giant thumbs up.

  2. O M G Penga! This is the most awesome dress ever! Not only is it absolutely gorgeous but it was a labor of love that is worth so much more than the fabric and thread. So excited to see its real glamor shots!

  3. Oh my gosh Penga!!! You look so beautiful in your wedding dress! I love it so much! You guys did such an amazing job. I can only describe it in one word = WOW!

  4. It's so beautiful, and you look beautiful in it! Congratulations on finishing this huge project, and together to boot! Your dress is so special and meaningful, and you look so happy in it!

  5. Kudos on having your groom involved in your dress. Mr. Muscle has seen and approved of my dress. You look really beautiful.

  6. Penga, you and Sak are crazy talented. You look beeeeeautiful and the dress is a dream. :)

  7. penga, that's just magic. holy cow.

  8. Oh my gosh, it's beeeeeautiful!!!! :-D And the lacy fabric and little flowers are gorgeous! I usually like... symmetrical things but... I'm digging the one sided strap. :]

  9. thanks everyone! im glad it's finally done..:)

  10. Yay it looks beautiful! And perfect!!

  11. OMG!!! WOW! I don't know what to say! You are sooooo talented!

  12. yay! I think I commented on weddingbee, but I wanted to say on here too- what a great dress!