Monday, May 31, 2010

A Cosplay-Anniversary

Forget Christmas, Easter and Halloween - Memorial Day weekend is my favorite holiday of the year. And I'm ashamed that it has nothing to do with the actual observance itself.

No, it's Fanime! And our dating-anniversary! Yaaay!

I told Sak that if they ever move the convention to a different date, we'll just move our anniversary with it. The event holds much more significance for me than the actual day, haha!

Anyway, the obligatory "Penga & Sak through the years" ~

2004: When we first met. See? We got along right away! Kindred spirits. And I was so not kidding about those cat ears!

2005: I'm kind of dissapointed by the lack of in-costume pictures I have. So I attached some pics of the costume construction at least. This is when we first started playing Maple Story, so we dressed as mages with slime hats!

2006: We got a wild rush of applause from the conventioneers for these retro throwbacks (five total). Until another group with better looking blocks showed up and one-upped us. I'm still bitter about it, too.

2007: The start of the big-paper-mache-ball-movement. The year we graduated college. We fought a lot during the creation of these costumes, cause they were oh-so-complicated. But we agree that it was worth it in the end, they were awesome. And now we collect all things Keroro and Tamama, as you know.

2008: Our first year out in the working world, with time AND money! We splurged on fabric that year, and made our most epic costumes to-date - digletts (from Pokemon)! (or dugtrio, however you want to look at it). Penga-bro is in the tall, angry one. And I don't know who that pikachu is.

2009: For some reason we wanted to do 2 different costumes this year. Cheese-kun from Code Geass (Sak and I took turns wearing him), and black mages from Final Fantasy, along with our friend Ed. Snuggies were all the rage last year, as you can tell. :)

2010: No costumes this year, but I know you'll all understand why. :) We just wore our yukata from our engagement pictures, since you've got to dress up a little, at least.

Anyway, I think it's safe to say that this is one date-aversary that we will continue to celebrate, even after we are married.

{Happy #6, Sak! Here's to next year!}


  1. So cute! I've had to stop going to Connecticon once I started seeing Adam because it's in the summer and I go visit him in England in the summer :( And now I feel like I'm on the wrong side of 30 to dress up. I miss it!

  2. Adorable!! Do you guys normally go to SDCC too?

  3. @amber - one is never too old to dress up!:)

    @az - i wish! i keep telling myself i'll make it down there some year. that and anime expo which is in LA. next year, next year! XD do you have any in arizona? I need an excuse to go visit your gorgeous sunny state again.

  4. @Penga We have an AnimeCon it's in October, and we just finished up with PHXComicCon which is normally end of May. I'll be at SDCC this year and probably next as well! :o)

  5. @az - hmmm. imma have to look up that october convention. and that's awesome you're going to comic con! i will have to meet you at a convention someday. that would be fun! :D