Sunday, May 16, 2010


Originally, I was going to wait until after the wedding to make our thank you cards. Maybe I could use a nice picture of us in wedding garb, or something.

However, with the advent of the humongous-second-reception and the fact that we've already started receiving a few gifts, I don't think it's something that should wait.

I played around with a couple different ideas - one of my favorites included a three panel comic with Sak yelling at the end, "No, we do not intend on having kids yet!". But ultimately I drew up this option instead:
videogame wedding thank you card
Get it? Leveling? Passing the stage, powering up, etc.? I liked it, and wanted to write "thanks for helping us defeat the final boss!" inside. Except I'm not exactly sure what the final boss would be, and Sak wasn't too enthused about the whole idea. So while I may print a couple out just to use for our gamer friends, I ended up with a completely different design for the final print. (And for the record - very reminiscent of Hannah's super-awesome thank you cards!)

I ordered 100 cards with free envelopes from Vistaprint, using an awesome 50% off coupon I found. And just like magic, they arrived a week or so later.
wedding thank you card
Much more versatile now, right?
anime wedding thank you card

I liked that you could also print on the inside for free (in black and white), but since we couldn't think of anything good to say, I left it blank with just a simple design.
little heart thank you cardWith a happy face of course.

Since we have so much leftover red wrapping paper from the invites, given the time(yeah, right), I might line the envelopes again. I really love the look of a good liner, but it's definitely not critical!

I told Sak that since I made the thank you cards, he's responsible for writing them all. I like to watch his eyes bug out every now and then.

Did you prepare your thank you notes before your wedding? Or did you save it for one of those coveted post-wedding projects?


  1. Ah, so cute! AND I love the inside bit! And the level up part was hilarious :-P

  2. They turned out great! Nice job! We have made thank you tags for our favor bags, so not sure if we will do thank you cards yet.

  3. So funny! I was actually bringing your little valentines day cartoon in to scan so we can get more cards printed! The ones that you made for us were such a hit that we're down to about 20 with another bridal shower on the way!

    I absolutely love these cards and I had no idea about the inside design. Loving that! I absolutely love this idea and I think it is sooooo convenient for pre-wedding events!

  4. Very cute! I really like the "final boss" idea too. Man, I wish I could get my fiance to write all the "thank-you" notes. I have a feeling that task will fall 100% to me since he didn't want to register for gifts in the first place :P

  5. @ppg - haha, yeah, if Sak writes them, they will all say the same thing. "Thank you for your gift. We really appreciate your thoughtfulness." No joke, that's what each and every one of his grad thank you cards said. so maybe it's not such a good idea, lol. :P

  6. LOVE love love them! I can't get over your little drawings. You are so talented.