Monday, May 3, 2010

The Welcome Pineapple

The other day, while digging for buried treasure in a Michael's dollar bin, I came upon these festive little cards:

Pineapple cards? For me? Yes please!

I figured I could use them in our out-of-town bags, as some-sort of a welcome/thank-you-for-coming letter. I took a few packs of them home and stuck them in a random "wedding-bin" in the house. Later, I took them out to show my mom, and then I realized - there's two pineapples on the front. Following my train of thought?

Pineapple card plus Sharpie equals...

Cute pineapple-people, of course!

Happy faces make everything cuter, I tell you. And they had all sorts of other fruits at Micheal's too. Like strawberries! How cute would a strawberry person be? I decided to stick with pineapples though, since they are pretty Hawaiian-esque. Sak was upset that they didn't have any limes and coconuts.

Funny how a cheerful pineapple can make a stressed-out bride smile. Maybe I should draw silly faces on everything else that stresses me out.

What's given you a de-stress moment recently? And any ideas on a good, "pineappley" opening line for this welcome letter?


  1. I love em! So darn cute! Only you could come up with something like this :)

  2. HAHA they are SUPER cute!! Yes, I think you should draw silly faces on everything that stresses you out :-D

    Annoying guest? *draws silly face on their forehead*

  3. Awww, those are so cute! Very "you". They will make your guests smile.