Monday, May 17, 2010

Shutter Pleats!

Oddly enough, both my mother and Sak's mother are thinking along the same lines in terms of dresses. In fact, they both set eyes upon the exact same designer with the exact same style in mind. It's almost like having my very own bridesmaids with matching dresses, only I'm not involved in decision making.

But don't get me wrong - I love it. The style they both fell for is very flattering, and will be perfect for a summer wedding in Hawaii. I wouldn't mind wearing the shutter pleat style either!

Adrianna Papell, champion of the Penga/Sak mothers. I know there are plenty of other brands that sell shutter pleat dresses, but for some reason, they've only tried on the Adrianna dresses so far.

Saka-Mom already bought her dress - from Nordstroms. They didn't have the one she wanted in Honolulu, so we went off to an L.A. Nordstom while in town for Saka-Brother's graduation from USC. Not only did they have the style she wanted, but in blue too! According to Sak, his brother and his Dad, her favorite color is blue. Because she wears jeans a lot. *Sigh* Men.

Well, whether or not her favorite color is blue, she liked this option better than the black dress she had found in Honolulu.

She bought a cute little ivory shawl to wrap around her arms, and is now in the market for a pair of not-too-tall navy heels.

Penga-Mom also bought a dress, from Macy's. She bought it for $150, and then found the exact same dress at Ross for $50, prompting the old return-and-buy-again routine.

But then she decided it wasn't blingy enough for the wedding. And it's a little hard to see the pleats due to the busy fabric. She'll keep it for some other part of the wedding trip, but is still on the look-out for "the one". Any ideas of where I can find a knee-length, mother-of-the-bride-blingy dress with pretty pleats?

Have your parents and future in-laws coordinated their attire? Any other mothers out there with a passion for pleats?


  1. Hahah. Yeah my mum bought a dress at Macys for like... $90 and then I found a fabulous gold number at Ross for $30. HOLLA. Aww the dress looks really cute and PERFECT for Hawaii! Like... it seems formal for Hawaii. haha. :]

    Ross is awesome. :-D

  2. funny...the moms totally wanted to coordinate their dresses with my wedding colors. I loved it! My mom found a great dress at Nordstrom's and then Mr Fix It's mom bought a new dress somewhere as well...hers was a knee length with a jacket. They were both perfect colors - very complimentary. Best advice I can give, just look everywhere EXCEPT for bridal stores! Most department stores or dress shops will eventually yield something you'll both fall in love with. Just be persistent!

  3. my step-mom got a dress like that for my wedding (was in march) and it looked great! I just started following your blog but I cant wait to read more!

  4. Those dresses are so pretty! I really like that design but my mom is adamant on having a floor-length dress. She refuses to show off her legs-- don't know why. We have purchased and returned 3 different dresses already. I really hope we can find something soon!

  5. @alvina - yes, yes it is :D

    @tova - nice to meet yah! :3

    @bee - lol. well, floor length is more formal! i hope she finds something too!