Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dress Code

Rehearsal dinner dress, wedding dress, cultural dress, get-away dress, honeymoon dresses. I never really thought I'd have to think about so many dresses.

Then after thinking about the dress, there's what goes with the dress, under the dress, on the feet and in the hair. And I don't even have a fleet of bridesmaids or flower girls to dress, like many other brides do.

But if that wasn't enough work, I've also started receiving questions like the following:

Penga-bro: Can I wear my Rainbows instead of normal shoes?

Penga-dad: Do I have to wear a suit? It'll be hot!

Penga-mom: How about this dress? Is it flattering? Or should I wear a muumuu instead?

Guest-friend-1: I don't have a French cuff shirt, is that a problem?

Saka-mom: What color is Penga-mom wearing?

Penga-mom: How about this one? Do you think I can lose two sizes before the wedding?

Penga-sis: I'm going to wear jeans.

Guest-friend-2: Is there a dress code?

Guest-friend-3: Penga-mom and I are going to water aerobics to get fit before we buy dresses.

Penga-sis: Nevermind, I'm going to wear my bathing suit instead so I can go swimming later.

Saka-bro: Do you think my butt is too flat for these pants?

Penga-mom: Maybe this one instead? Does it need to match the wedding colors?

Penga-bro: Can I bring my Jason Mraz hat?

Honestly, I don't really care what anyone wears, with the exception of the Jason Mraz hat. (Please Penga-bro, don't do it!)

Sak interestingly enough, has expressed an opinion. He expects everyone to show up fancy. Nice button-up collared shirts, maybe with a tie, or maybe just a silk Aloha shirt. Combed hair and shoes that aren't full of sand. No one other than me wearing white. Everyone remembering their deodorant. All the usual stuff.

However, since I don't care what anyone decides to wear (or not wear), and Sak will probably never express his opinion on formality to anyone besides me - we're just going to be surprised. I have strange day-dreams sometimes that everyone will come in cosplay. That would be amazing - the best breach of black tie that I can imagine.
One good thing that all these clothing-related comments tell me though - everyone is too busy worried about what they will be wearing to notice what I'll be wearing! That means less dress pressure for me, phew!
Are your guests letting you in on their wedding-day attire search? Will you be surprised on your wedding day, or are you opting for the safer route of a dress code?


  1. Honestly the only thing I've told people is this: black is unacceptable at a Cuban wedding- it means you think of the marriage as a funeral. For serious.

    Other than that I think it would be hilarious is my family showed up in Swim-Wear!

  2. I've had people show me or talk to me about what they are going to wear, or the shoes they want to get. Its so interesting.

  3. Pete's family is uber formal to weddings (think ballroom gowns) so to "liven things up" I've told people its Kentucky Derby attire. I've had questions from "does that mean stirrups" to "Can I wear a big fancy hat"? I'm basically saying YES to anything that's non-formal and NOT blue or orange! Wear your stirrups and fancy hats and be ready to party all night long!

    (Note: I actually did not mean stirrups, I meant casual suits, seersucker, sun dresses... but if you can pull them off, do it!)

  4. @Az - haha, it'll definitely be hot enough for it!
    @choco - it is interesting. sometimes I wonder why they feel the need to tell us..maybe they are genuinely concerned?

    @gator - please do get some pictures of people in stirrups, that would crazy! :) And big fancy hats are awesome! :D

  5. That's funny, I expect these concerns to come rolling in once we send out invites. I also saw that picture you did for My Dream Ring and it's awesome. Really good job. I just found your blog and i'm now your newest follower. Please feel free to visit my bog and follow if you like.

  6. @JEM - thanks for the follow! :) I'll follow you as well, always fun to find a new blog to read! :3