Friday, February 5, 2010

Tangling with the Tunes

Wedding dilemmas and I are no strangers, that's for sure.

I have no idea what we're going to do about music. True, we won't really be dancing (I think...), but I can still use an IPOD for background noise, right?

At first, I tried the cop-out approach and told Sak he was in charge of the music. He shrugged, and promptly did nothing about it. I'm thinking now that his plan is to just play whatever he has on his IPOD at the current time.

No. Heck no I'll never listen to techno.

So I'm taking the musical reigns back, but I'm still somewhat at a loss. Music helps set the tone of the whole night, right? It's vitally important, right? I shouldn't royally screw this up, right?

Here's my current options:

A) Game orchestral music.

It's pretty, fancy, and sometimes downright epic. But am I having a pretty and fancy wedding? I don't know - sometimes it feels more like whacky and fun.

B) 80's music

Whacky and fun, most definitely. But part of me thinks it would be weird to have such danceable music at a no-dance reception. I mean, can you really play safety dance without dancing? No way. But I guess people can always dance if they want to, as we will have a dance floor.

C) Hawaiian music

Sak thinks this is super on the touristy side. But I really like island music. It's fun, but still laid back enough to not scream, "dance to me". The mainland guests would probably love it. Though I don't have very much island music, so maybe we'd have to get a DJ.

Now as much as I love all three, I don't think they'd work together very well? Switching from Tiny Bubbles to You Spin Me Right Round isn't exactly a seamless transition. (Just kidding! As if Sak would ever let Don Ho grace his wedding..)

What route should we take? Help me friends, you're my only hope.


  1. Well I think whatever screams fun works out well. As for me, I'm going totally island nuts and we're getting a steel drum band (very caribbean) and yes, i am having them play some Jimmy Buffett tunes. I can't help it. I want some touristy island tunes with a fruity drink in my hand at the reception!

    I say go for the authentic Hawaiian music. People who are coming to visit from the mainland want that stuff. They want to feel like they're away. Maybe inbetween sets, you bring the "you spin me" and the other tunes to the guests via an ipod dj? maybe spin a few tunes that aren't touristy like that inbetween?


  2. I love what Bellenga said you could totally do a few of those things together. If you have the money for a band go for it- and then kind spin the "iPod" between sets?