Sunday, February 7, 2010

In Sickness and In Health...

Friends, Sak has a problem. Actually, he has two problems.

First, he gets sick when he travels. Every. Single. Time. For example, on our planning trip a couple months ago, he was sick upon arrival - fever, snot, the works. By the end of the week it had petered down to a cough, but he was still miserable for a while.

Secondly, he gets sick when he's nervous. Well, I think most people do, but he gets REALLY sick. He was sick for an entire month when we first started dating. I think it's really sweet now, but at for a while all I could remember is him throwing up on my roommate's rug and her being seriously mad. He even went to the Doctor, who (like any good college doctor) tested him for mono, and then sent him home with the pronouncement that there was nothing wrong with him. Uh, other than the fact that he was vomiting at least once a day. But eventually I stopped scaring him or something, because the stomach lurches luckily ended.

I think you can see the problem here. Wedding = travel & nerves.

The last thing I want is a sick husband the day-of. And we definitely don't need his illnesses keeping us from enjoying our limited honeymoon vacation.

So how can I keep him well?

First, we'll be pumping his immune system up as much as possible. Citrus will be his new best friend. And he'll do airborne shots. Regardless of it's errant miracle-cure claims, it's still a good way to get some vitamins.

Second, he'll keep the water intake high. We already do a pretty good job of getting enough water, thanks to my friend, Mr. Straw. Isn't it strange that it's so much easier to drink water when you have a straw? Maybe it's just me..

Third, I'll do my best to not stress him out on the trip. Though I think the airport and it's craziness will do more damage than I can ever hope to repair.
Our slightly overweight bag of bags at the airport...luckily we didn't have to pay extra!

What else can I do to keep his anxiety at bay and his body healthy? Should I beak out the swine flu masks? Calming herbs? Valium?

How do you keep healthy while traveling under high stress?


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  2. hahah. I like drinking things through straws too!!!

  3. I inhale water and airbourne when I travel so I think thats a great idea. I esp love the straw bottle because they won't take it from you at TSA! You just have to make sure its empty and you can fill it up on the other side :) Genius!

  4. Ugh I hear that, I used to get sick everytime I traveled when I was small(er). Thankfully I've out grown it, but it's painfully annoying/embarassing!

  5. Oh no!! Poor Sak. Your prevention methods sound good. I really hope he doesn't get sick before the wedding. It makes ME nervous just thinking about it! Good luck!