Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Just a Few Words

So I took a stab at writing my own little "letter" to read to Sak at our ceremony. My thoughts are to read our heartfelt sentiments to each other, then commence with the rings and traditional vows. I always love it when couples say something personal to each other. There's something that just seems so special about it.

Anyway, I think I came up with a fairly good little piece. It conveys what I feel about as much as words can express, and I tried to keep the inside jokes and anything else that might be prone to "dating" out entirely. It's honest, light on froof, with a touch of my own quirky spirit. I think Sak would like it.

And speaking of Sak, as far as I know, he hasn't written two words. I know he's not entirely comfortable having his writing compared to mine, as he has always been strictly a numbers guy. But I know whatever he ends up writing will still be from his heart, whether it's eloquent or not.

I imagine he'd say something like this:

(Manga image from Hot Gimmick, by Miki Aihara)

*Sigh* So here's the options -

Do I:

1) Share what I have wrote and look over his to make sure they are roughly the same length and seriousness? I mean, I've been to a wedding where the groom wrote completely beautiful things, and the bride's was one big light-hearted inside joke. It didn't mesh to us confused guests - but then again, the guests don't really matter when it comes to one's personal statement towards the other, do they?

2) Keep everything completely hush-hush and be in for a surprise.

3) Give them to a 3rd party to evaluate for us.

As much as I want to express how much my future husband means to me, I don't want him to have anxiety over this. Bad things happen when Sak has anxiety.

Did you or will you write your own sentiments? Is it a secret or are you well rehearsed?


  1. Ah! Pete and I were just talking about this the other night. We just finished our ceremony so the only thing we have left are our vows... which he just assumes couples write themselves and surprise each other with at the wedding. (I didn't try to tell him otherwise :) )
    He then went on about how he is going to write the most amazing thing ever and I'll be jealous and try to look at it early so I can make sure ours match... Although he was just poking fun at me I got a little anxiety attack that his would be super amazing and mine would be subpar (at best)...
    In the end I decided to talk to our officiant personally about mine (and nudge him to do the same thing) so she can make sure we're on the same track!

  2. haha gator, sounds like you're my opposite! i like your plan though, that keeps the surprise without having something wildly unbalanced! I'm not sure who I would trust with the task though..hmm

  3. I wanted to compare our vows for the same reason-- worried about compatability. But he wants them to be a surprise. So, what does your groom say?

  4. @cupcake - he wants me to write it for him. >.> but since that isn't happening, he wants us to read each others beforehand. maybe if we're just reading them..and not hearing them spoken while looking at each other, it'll still have that 'surprise meaning'?