Monday, February 1, 2010

The Family Jewels

Perhaps strangely, I had absolutely no plans for jewelry as part of the wedding-day ensemble. I never even so much as thought about it. Which, luckily for me, didn't end up mattering at all.

My grandmother, ever the fashionista, has given her many female grandchildren jewelry for pretty much every gift-giving occassion. She gave me my first diamond ring, actually, since she wanted me to know at an early age that I didn't need a man to get my own diamonds. How's that for girl-power? I love it. I'd show you a picture of it, but since I received it as a child prone to losing things, it's been locked away in a safety box for quite some time. Instead, here are four other gorgeous rings she's given me over the years:

Sak actually "stole" the sapphire halo ring to show the jewelry my ring size when he picked out my engagement ring. It's a middle finger ring, but I still think he was pretty clever about the whole thing!

Anyway, I guess I shouldn't have been too surprised when she gifted me with my very own wedding day jewelry.
A beautiful pearl necklace.

And some gorgeous pearl earrings.

Looks like I'll be going traditional, folks! And I love it! I've written her more thank you notes than ever, lately, so I'm trying to think of other ways I can show my appreciation. Maybe some sweets or flowers!

Have you thought about what you will wear with your dress?


  1. They're so beautiful! Congrats. My mom is buying me a pearl necklace/earrings for our wedding while she's in China this week!

  2. The pearls are beautiful!! I haven't decided on jewelry yet.

  3. Oh you lucky girl!! I love all those pieces, especially the new wedding pearls! They are so beautiful!! Are you going to wear one of those gorgeous rings on your right hand as your something blue?