Sunday, February 21, 2010

Guest Canvas, Go!

As many a procrastinator can confirm, the pile of half-finished projects can grow rather quickly. Though spending time on a project already fully formulated in my mind held zero excitement, I trenched through and moved our "guest book" to project close out.

First, some supplies. White cardstock and some pretty red yuzen paper will do for a backing.
yuzen paper
After cutting up the supplies...

I glued the papers to the back of the canvas, with spray glue. While the glue worked extremely well for adhering the thin paper, I got a little sloppy with the application, and ended up spraying half my yoga mat in the sticky goop! If anyone know how I can easily get the sticky off, please let me know!

Then I put the dried canvas on the easel (this is an unpainted one we didn't take to Hawaii), and added a little sign!
creative guestbook
Each table will have one canvas, and 2 brush pens, one black and one red. I followed everyone's advice and added some drawing suggestions onto the back! Hopefully guests can find one or two flowers that are not too complicated!
alternative guestbook
(The flowers came from a combination of dingbat fonts and sakura brushes from here and here. )

All in all, it is nice to finally finish a project that's been sitting around for so long. Now I can box it up and make room for something else!

Do you have any projects that you've started long ago, but haven't had the energy/time/desire to finish?


  1. Cute! That's such a fun idea! :)

  2. I really love that idea! You better post what they end up like... and what you ended up doing!

    I have a few of those projects laying around my house... OOT bags, Invitations (what?!), tissue holders

    I swear, I'll get them done!