Wednesday, February 17, 2010

By the Power Vested

A while back, Sak realized he didn't fit any suits at the store. Sadly, we have yet to resume the search, due to his bruised ego and our mutual discomfort around pushy sales people. It's led the family to jokingly say, "Why don't you just make his suit then?"

Hmm. Why don't we? I think I can handle at least part of it, at least. So like the talented Miss Poodle, we set out to make a vest.

I picked out Vogue Pattern 8048, and we decided option C would be the best.

I found some awesome tropical plant overlay fabric for the outside, and Sak chose some crepe-backed satin for the inside lining.

First I cut out all the pieces. Unfortunately, Sak is smaller than the smallest size on the pattern, so of course I had to adjust for that.

Then Sak ironed on the lightweight fusible interfacing for me. This gives the vest a crisp look.

Next, I went through the somewhat arduous task of putting on pockets. In theory it was not so hard, but the drawing direction was vague and I ended up sewing the welts on upside down the first time around. This is why technical writers are oh-so-very important!
Cutting open the pocket was the best part!

Next came the back-waist-cinch-tie thing. I'll need to find a nice clasp for it I think.

We made sure to press the seams down as we went, so the vest would lay flat!

Time to sew the liner and the front together!

Once it was sewn, we flipped the whole thing inside out, and pressed down the edges!

Finally, I sewed the shoulders together, and voila!

One vest for Sak. (His shirt in the picture is a more of a light grey, which makes the vest look a little odd. The wedding shirt will be white.)

Instead of buttons on the front, I'm thinking of buying some frogs instead.

Or do would that be too much?

Sak also brought up the idea of maybe doing the outer layer of my corset in the tropical overlay fabric instead of the lace, so that we would match. Would this be a good idea? I really love the lace, but I love the idea of matching as well! Maybe we'll make two corsets for my indecision!

Will you match your groom in any way?


  1. WOW! You are just crazy mad talented!! Great job on this. It turned out so good. I think that the frog closures will add a nice little decorative touch, but I might prefer buttons for a more formal look. Just my opinion though. It's so sweet that Sak wants to match you. :) Whatever you decide on, I know that it will turn out great!

  2. @bee - i think you may be right about the buttons being more formal. I have a tendency to over-costumize things, so it's good that I ask! hehe.

  3. I love it! I second Bee, I really like the idea of buttons to make it look formal. :o) Great job Penga!!

  4. Oh wow! I think I'm speechless! never in my wildest dreams would I attempt this and yours look professionally made! love it!

  5. I think the frogs make it more... Asian looking and buttons more Western perhaps?

    but awesome skills :)