Friday, August 21, 2009

Exclusive Reclusives

It's safe to assume that Sak and I are not overly social people. Since meeting each other, we've pretty much become hermits, caught up in our own little world with little regard to what's going on outside. Young love? Severe introverted behavior? Who knows. That's just how we are.

So how puzzling is it that we'd both like a large wedding?

Large it because we're falling for the wedding hype? The idea that bigger is better? A Cinderella dream? For me, it's somewhat just that. The idea of dressing up fancy with flowers and a beautiful place like's downright magical. And the thought of seeing all my friends and family, dressed up and enjoying themselves, it's pretty exciting.

So yes, we aren't social people. But we will be for one day only. This really is what we want. For as many guests to show up as possible! And to have a good time, of course!

A co-worker I had once summed it up like this -

"There's two types of people: those that get energized by socializing with others, and those that use up energy by socializing with others. It's not that either one dislike socializing, just that the one that uses energy has to go home and recharge in solitude later."

I agree with that. We'll save our energy to pass on to everyone, it'll be great. And then we'll be spending three weeks in Japan to recoup the energy a wedding day takes. And I, for sure, won't be able to socialize there. Gomen!

Which are you - an energy gainer or an energy spender? Or are you one of those new sustainable models, that don't use people-energy at all?

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