Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Save the Dates Phase 2

Since last we spoke, I worked to finish the save the date magnets. We did, and I sent them off to the printer. We're expecting 200 of the little guys in about 7 days.

Next, we needed some sort of backing for them. We shopped around San Mateo for red card stock, thinking it would be an easy task. It wasn't. For some reason Office Depot only carries "re-entry red", which is the equivalent of neon red. Not what we had in mind.

Then I realized (through a ton of advertisements now sitting in my inbox), that I could get 100 free post cards from the same company (Vistaprint), and that I wouldn't need to find the red card stock. Of course, if I'm going to have it printed for me, I might as well go all out with the design. So I went a little crazy with the card mounting. And it took all night. But I prevailed, somehow, and even made it to work the next morning. I ordered 100 postcards (yes, I know I got 200 magnets..the math is not right..but I can always use the extra magnets for something, I hope?) and 100 size A2 red envelopes to put them in. And I cannot wait for it all to come in the mail! This, for some reason, is more exciting to me than booking our venues was. I can't imagine why...

Anyway, here it is!

Here without anything on the mounting postcard...

...And then again modeled with the magnet taped to the middle!

A little bit of good ol' manga (Japanese graphic novels) flair. There will be some cutoff on the edges of the final product, so I hope I accounted for that. It would really suck if all the words got cut off. I also hope I circled the right island! HA! Sak would kill me otherwise. I'd be an embarrassment to the family name! But I think I got it right..

Creation of this save the date was made possible thanks to this awesome website with screen tones. (For further credit, I should say that I modeled the hand-holding part of the picture from a page in a manga.)

Any manga fans out there? :)


  1. lol I hope they come out okay..I should get them in the mail today!

    Are you doing anything this weekend? I'll be in salinas again to print envelopes..>_>" we should hang out and try to be creative/accomplish nothing again, that was fun!

  2. these are unbelievably cool and one of the most personal save the dates i've seen (shows your guys' style and interests loud and clear). and what a clever way to present the magnets.