Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Venue Variations

Now that we have a reception location, the next question to ask is - where to have the ceremony? Without the two building blocks of a wedding (ceremony and reception venue) it's a bit hard to move onto the rest of the details.

We've looked (online) through a lot of places. The criteria we want? Something scenic for pictures, something not too blasting hot, something not too "touristy".

Here's the first place I liked: Wai'oli Chapel

The problem? It only seats 30-40 people. Even if a lot of Sak's relatives don't come to the ceremony (as his mom predicts), we'll probably still be over since our guest list is at about 150.

So our second (and more realistic choice)?

Haiku Gardens

This place is seriously beautiful. And located North enough (Kaneohe) to not have crazy hot weather like Honolulu.

The downside is that it's a little higher than our projected budget. But I guess it's okay. You're paying for the privacy you can't get from a beach or state botanical garden. And the chapel seats up to 150, so no space limitations. Parking is free as well.

So unless something miraculous comes up between now and tomorrow, we will probably book this place. We called and they confirmed our date availability.

Did you fall in love with a venue too large or too small for your guest size? Did you move on with a wistful sigh, or modify your guest list instead?

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